Monday, 5 November 2012

Montagne Jeunesse: Exotic Fruits

Being a busy little bee, i never really get the chance to treat my skin. I'm terrible with removing my make up at night and I hardly ever remember to moisturise and give my skin the care it deserves. Now we're heading into an abyss of colder weather, it's really important that i try a little bit harder to look after myself. Therefore i've been really enjoying these little face masks from Montagne Jeunesse. They are so quick and easy to use, I don't have to take any time out of my busy schedule. Not only that, but they provide natural skin care suitable for vegetarians so it makes me feel good knowing i'm not using any harmful chemicals on my skin.
I've tried a fair few of these masks now as you will know if you've been following from the very beginning, yet the new Exotic Fruits range is my favourite so far. The range includes the Prickly Pear Peel Off, the PawPaw Peel off and the Dragon Fruit Sauna. I've only tried the pear one so far, and i just loved the smell, the colour and the application. The ingredients for this one included prickly pear, mangosteen (the "queen of fruits"), and melon which are some of my favourite fruits anyway and it just smells divine. It also has a really girly pink colour and left me with noticeably smoother skin. The peel off masks have always been my favourite because i find it entertaining and rather therapeutic peeling it off when it dries. It reminds me of peeling PVA glue off your fingers as a child! Did anyone else do that?!
I'm quite excited to try the Dragon Fruit mask because it's self heating - just what we need in this blast of winter weather so i'm off to try that now! The Exotic Fruits range are now available priced at £1.29 each and can be found at ASDA, Boots and 
Have you tried the new Montagne Jeunesse Exotic Fruits range?


  1. Just to let you know, I didn't unfollow you! I changed my email address so had to follow everyone again :) Love your blog as always


  2. These new face masks look so good :) I used to put PVA glue on my hands and peel it off as a child too haha! I'm actually giving 2 montagne jeunesse masks away on my blog at the moment! xx

  3. I have tried a few masks from this brand & really like them. They are so affordable.
    These Exotic fruit masks sounds lovely.

  4. Yayy, I love peely masks - so much fun! haha x

  5. I used to do that with PVA glue on my fingers too, and everytime I use a peel off mask that's what I think of!
    I've heard such great things about these montagne jeunesse masks i'm definitely planning on trying them soon!

  6. I love the dragon fruit mask so much! I'm always impressed with montagne jeunesse masks!

    Jennie xo |

  7. I definitely need to start treating my skin too! This looks fabulous :)


  8. I looove self heating masks, they're just so cool nd I feel like they're really doing their job when they heat up! haha I've never tried any of these but they look great! Followed you. xx


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