Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Glossybox: Valentines Edition

This months Glossybox was always going to be tough following the Christmas edition, and i have to say, I am slightly disappointed this month. Skincare is just not my thing because i have eczema and i don't like trying moisturisers in case they cause more irritation.  I have to say though, i love that Glossybox are making special edition boxes because it keeps things exciting, and the sweetie included was super cute :)
The first thing that caught my eye was First Aid Beauty's Gentle Body Wash because the packaging was sweet and i expected it to smell really yummy! But unfortunately it was totally unperfumed and i didn't think it was anything particularly special either. I applied this last night after bathing and then this morning after washing, particularly on my legs and i haven't really noticed any difference in my skin, maybe i need to try it a few more times but I wouldn't buy the full size product for £10, that's for sure. 
I have mixed feelings towards Murad's Primer sample too, sorry to be a moaner. This product was one of my favourites in the box simply because i'm a big believer in primers, I currently use Garnier's BB cream, but i'd love to try the illamasqua satin primer (hint hint!). So i've tried this a couple of times already and the overall finish isn't bad actually, the issue i have with it is that it doesn't seem to spread well, if that makes sense. With the BB cream, a little bit goes a long way, but the application of Murad's primer just feels too.. elasticated. Also it seems try dry up quickly, like when i rub it in, it goes all "bitty" on my face. I love the packaging though and it does give an even coverage and radiant glow. 
Yet, more skincare! In all fairness, Clarins are such a good brand so i understand why Glossybox have chosen to include the Extra-Firming Day and Night creams. I don't really use firming creams at the moment but i did try the Night cream last night and it seems nice enough. I can't really give a good review on them i'm afraid! My mum also gets Glossybox and she's far more likely to use them so if anyone wants to know any more, leave a comment or tweet me and i'll ask her what she thinks! For £46+ for a full sized product, i would expect quality though. 
The Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner was definitely my favourite product in the box this month, although again there are a few downsides to the product - again, sorry for the negativity. I received this product in Midnight blue and the colour as you may be able to see, is lovely and pigmented. I think this will work really nicely for a smokey eye actually and it's easily smudgable too which is nice. My mum received the Powder Pink colour which i think i may be borrowing at some point because it looks like a good eye brightener! I also like the handle on the end of the liner for when i near the end of the pencil, it's a good idea and makes the product feel more expensive. The issue i have with this product is the fact it is actually quite small minus the handle! I look forward to trying out the pencil properly - hopefully on Friday night! 

Sorry if this review was too negative for you, but it's my honest opinion of the box and i know Glossybox can't always please everyone. In fact i know loads of people really loved this month's box so let me know what you thought!
Much love xxx

Sunday, 29 January 2012

You May As Well Kiss The Internet Goodbye.

How cute are these picture's i've recently found on tumblr and weheartit? Too cute not to share!

Hey guys, so i've been wondering whether or not to publish this post for a little while now, and i've come to the conclusion that it's important that we all know the threats of these internet copyright acts going around at the moment. If you're not interested in these current changes, i hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures while you still can! Some of you may be aware that SOPA and PIPA was recently withdrawn, (here fore more info), However ACTA which is 10x worse is now in motion. 

These video's are really good at explaining the act itself:
1   2  
However, if this act passes, what i literally just did by sharing links with you guys would mark me as a criminal.

For example, i've recently been liking images on tumblr which i think are too adorable not to share (above), but if ACTA passes, tumblr itself wouldn't be able to function as a social networking site, let alone twitter, youtube, facebook and even OUR BLOGS! 
Although this act has already been signed, the deal is not yet done. First it needs to be ratified by the European parliament and this decision will be made in June this year so we need to say NO to ACTA before the internet as we know it becomes a censored mess. If you want to do your part, spread the word about ACTA, call you local MP's, write letters, posters, make songs or videos! Just do whatever you can to protect our freedom as we know it. 

I believe in a FREE internet!

Sorry for the seriousness of this post, a lighthearted glossybox review should be on it's way to you guys in the next couple of days!

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Silver Sand

Blouse - New Look £9 (sale)
Maxi - Topshop £20 (sale)
Shoes - Ebay £12ish
Rings - JWLRY
Jacket - Tenovus £5
Earrings - Topshop £2.50 (sale)

So i've been fairly absent from the blogging world this week, and that would be down to the dreaded January exams. I've been revising and working like a crazy person, and i still don't feel prepared. I have a Sociology - Power and Control paper on Monday and then an English (2 1/2 hour!!) paper on Tuesday and both are equally important, so it's quite hard to balance my revision. Following that, Wednesday is my interview for the fashion buying course at Westminster Uni, and i am SO nervous about that, especially about what to wear. Some people have advised me to wear a smart, yet fashionable suit but i don't actually own a suit so i'm really stuck, ANY suggestions are gratefully received :)
So last weekend i had the afternoon off work. This doesn't happen very often so i took the chance to go shopping with Gracie! I was very naughty when it came to Topshop and splurged quite a bit - On the plus side i bought the dress i plan to wear to prom in the summer! But anyway, i decided to take out the Topshop store card. And i'm not encouraging anyone else to go out and loan from stores etc, but i think it is a really cool idea seeing as you get £15 worth of free make up. This is what i got...
Make Up Wipes
Nail Varnish Remover
Eyeshadow in Silver Sand

Anyway, hope you're all well, i doubt i'll be blogging til the end of next week because of the exams. If any of you have exams i wish you all the best! xox

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sun Moon Stars Rain

Just wanted to share a few bits and bobs i've had my eye on this month! 

1. Somebody buy me this shirt? Honestly, pay day can't come fast enough for this beauty! I've seen a few youtubers wearing it and i think it looks gorgeous. I love the pleats on the back aswell, it makes it really unique and i'm really in to crosses at the moment. This is £30 from Zolando (Reverse is the brand) who i've never bought from before.. Anyone had any Zolando experiences before?
2. Originally i asked my dad for the Lipsy dippy hem skirt for Christmas in like a baby pink, but when he went shopping they'd sold out! I've been really gutted ever since and looking for alternatives. Although this is a dress rather that a skirt, i just love the hem! This one is £45 from Love (bit steep if you ask me).
3. I've never tried collar tips before, but i really want to, and i love these cute ones from Regal Rose. I just like the idea of the detailing they would provide to a simple white sheer blouse. They're in the sale at the moment for £12.
4. This one is more of a necessity rather than a wish! My leggings have holes in them and are too old and baggy now, plus i really want some thicker, panelled leggings.. the type that don't show of your bum too much! I've gone for these in petite because i have such small legs! They are £28 from Topshop.
5. I've also been wanting some shorts recently, but some with a bit of personality, because i don't own a proper good pair of shorts! I really want some high waisted ones to wear with my suspender tights so i'm on the lookout on ebay for some. If anyone can point me in a good direction i'd be sooo grateful! But i also love these which are £34 from Topshop.
6. Finally, this is another piece i may have to indulge in the second payday hits. I absolutely adore this skirt! I look at it nearly everyday, then check my bank balance to see if there's anyway i can buy it! I guess it's the studs thing, i'm really into that at the moment. Anyway this is $38 from Romwe (Again, never ordered from them, any good?) also if you sign up to their newsletter you get 20% off... tempting!

I love reading wishlist posts, so if you've been lusting over anything recently, leave a comment & link down below! Much love xox

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Ruby Red

(Headband: Little Fille, Dress: Ebay, Tights: HOH, Shoes: Ebay, Coat Topshop, Lipstick: Mac, Jewellery: Primark, JWLRY & LHC
Starting to feel a lot better and confident enough to do an outfit post now my facial swelling has significantly decreased! I didn't actually wear this outfit out anywhere today, but i'm going out for a work do on Friday and plan to wear it then. This outfit is a little bit out of my comfort zone, probably because i don't usually wear all of my hair out of my face. I feel like it makes me look boyish so let me know what you think. I do love the pop of colour though, and i feel like this outfit gives me a bit more personality too. My super suspender tights will also be making their debut on Friday - I love them so much and can't wait to team them with some high waisted shorts.

Instead of doing really anything today, i sat in my bed and watched Victoria's Secret Fashion show on repeat. I'm literally obsessed with the Aquatic Angel's section, all the pretty designs and attention to detail almost hypnotises me. Best 42 mins of my day! (I have just discovered youtube have taken the video down - OUTRAGED!)
Hopefully tomorrow i'll be getting back in to my normal routine which includes waking up stupidly early for sixth form and doing a boring bunch of revision for upcoming exams. (yay.)

Anyway, thanks for reading guys! I've recently hit the 50 follower mark which made me seriously happy! I don't want my blog to be about followers or what have you, but you guys make it so much more fun because i feel like people are actually listening to me!

Much Love, xoxo

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Best in Show Dog

I originally wanted to share with you some outfit posts today. I set aside time, made sure the clothes i wanted to wear were washed and ironed, even hung up on my door ready to wear for this afternoon. The weather was really nice today and it would've been a prime chance to take photo's but unfortunately this morning i woke up with half a swollen face. My wisdom tooth on the bottom right hand side of my face has been breaking through for a while and i get the occasional ache, probably like everyone else but this was really extra-painful. I booked an emergency appointment in the NHS walk in centres in town, quickly got ready and kindly, mum rushed me there.  Luckily there's nothing seriously wrong, it's just an infection and now i have anti-biotics and pain relief which should clear things up over the next few days. The only issue is, i feel like the most un-photogenic person in the world! Which means no photo's of me this week. I do need to thank my mum and boyfriend for being so sweet about it all though :)
As i was in town, i did cheekily pop in to Topshop to browse through the jewellery so here's a couple of things i picked up.
The first thing i picked up was this pretty collar styled necklace at an easy £4.50 (plus student discount - i couldn't really say no could i?) This was down from £14, bargain. I really like the scalloped edge too, I think i'll wear it with basic scooped neckline to add some pretty detailing.
I've been meaning to pick up a lip liner for ages now because i keep borrowing my mums. I love topshop make up and just picked this one up while i was queuing. It's like a coral pinky colour named, "fearless" and stays on really well actually. I think it was around the £5 mark.
These next couple of things, i didn't pick up from town but instead recently received them through the post :) This cute necklace was courtesy of Eclectic Eccentricity through a giveaway on Lauren's blog. I wore it on NYE and planned to feature it in an outfit post today! It's really sweet, i tend to wear it underneath my collar when i wear shirts and blouses which i think looks really nice. If you have a spare few minutes, have a look at the EE website because they have some real gems on there. (Love this.)
Lastly, i thought i'd show you a quick picture of my new headband courtesy of Little Fille (through another giveaway) Thank You! This is the Lola headband in red i believe. It's a lovely rich red colour and made with a velvet material. Its also stretchy which is always good and i think it's a really interesting piece to add to my wardrobe. I'm not quite sure what i'll wear it with yet, but it will feature in some sort of OOTD sooner or later!

So that's it for now, I plan to do some more shopping that's not quite so rushed at some point when i find spare time. I've loved seeing all of your sale bargains, so if you have done any recent haul posts, please link down below and i'll have a gander!
Lots of love xox

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Best Wishes!

Hi everyone, I hope the New Year celebrations are treating you well. This is just a little post to wish you all a happy New Year and to thank all my beautiful readers for all the support i have gained through blogging. sleep.wake.hope is only 5 months old, and may not have hundreds of followers, but that doesn't matter to me because i've had so much fun starting a blog this year. I didn't realise how much of my time this would take up, but i'm grateful because this side of social media has encouraged me to branch out and meet fellow bloggers. I now also take many more photo's than I used to which i think is great for documenting memories. I love having this little space on the internet as my own because it gives me something to feel proud of and one of my favourite past times is definitely reading each of your blogs too. You all have so many brilliant, inspiring, new idea's so keep it up guys! You're amazing.
I seriously wish you all the best for 2012 and can't wait to see how my blog and all of your blogs will transform this year.
So much love for all of you xox