Saturday, 31 March 2012

How to: Create a Top Knot

Some of you may have noticed that lately i've been sporting the top knot look, and i've had quite a lot of people asking me how I do it, so this is my first little blog tutorial and i hope you enjoy it! Please leave me your thoughts below.
So to begin with, i'd just like to point out that I learnt how to do the basics of this top knot from Kate's youtube video, so you may want to give that a little look and i'll try to explain it in photos :)
So first up, the obvious. If you want to add volume to your hair which is really good for when you want a big fluffy topknot, use products like volumising shampoo when you're washing your hair. I currently use the Philip Kingsley elasticizer followed by Herbal essences or whatever else is in the bathroom. Next, i tend to blow-dry my hair upside-down because i find that really helps to make my hair stay big and full of life.
Next, with your fingers, tease your hair into a high pony tail. If you have short hair use bobby pins to clip in loose ends. Next, back comb the hair in the pony tail, especially if it's short because this will give the illusion that you have lots of long, volumous hair.
Next spread the pony tail out over your head and choose a strand about 1-2cm thick to begin with.
Now for the tricky bit. Get some bobby pins handy and fold over the strand of hair, pinning it near the base of the pony tail. This creates a sort of loop, bear in mind, top knots are supposed to look effortless so keep it loose and messy, don't try and make it perfect.
Continue creating loops all around the ponytail until you have the look you're happy with and spritz on the hairspray!
This is such a fun and easy style to create for the day time, and if you're going somewhere special you can add flowers or a headscarf for more detail. 
Let me know if you try this out and leave your feedback on this tutorial! 
Lots of love xo
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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Bristol Fashion Week at The Mall Cribbs Causeway

So as you all probably know, my Friday evening consisted of fashionista fun and meeting some really sweet bloggers down at Bristol Fashion Week. This is what i ended up wearing, thanks to everyone who helped in my last post!
See what the other bloggers wore here and please like your favourite outfits!
So I attended the event with my friend Grace and we headed down a little early to have a gander around the mall. I managed to get my hands on a sample of the new Chanel vitalumiere aqua foundation and the Estee Lauder foundation as well as 3 of the Revlon lip butters! I bought the shades Cupcake, Lollipop and Berry Smoothie and I'm not going to go into detail about these because i know so many other bloggers have and i agree with them, so if you want an in depth review you can have a lookie at this post.
Anywho, after a wander around, we headed down to the pavilion to collect out bloggers passes and meet up with Millie and Vicky (They're so cute, please look at their blogs!) And we headed into the show! We were greeted with a beautiful array of French fancies (yum!) and pink fizz wine. After a munch, we were able to take our seats on either side of the runway. 
(Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
The show began with a candy cane heaven, bringing mouth watering ice cream shades and pastels to the runway. I couldn't believe these were fashions from John Lewis because I don't shop there for clothes, yet they seemed relateable and wearable. The models reminded me of dolly's! In scene 2 we caught a glimpse of some hawwwt half naked men showing off luxe sportswear from JD sports. This was inspired by the upcoming 2012 Olympics.
(Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
Next, scene 3 was inspired by the romantic city of Paris including fashions from Hobbs with menswear from River Island and designer bags from Radley.
(Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
Scene 4 was a collection of tribal inspired prints including lots of aztec and a mixture of both maxi skirts and shorts. I love all the tribal inspired gold bangles! And i couldn't believe these fashions were from M&S and the jewellery from Clive Ranger. The next scene was a light hearted and fun collection of beach wear, i particularly loved the denim playsuits and plan to whip these out in when it gets a tad bit warmer! The clothing from this scene was from animal and the accessories from Claire's.
 (Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
Scene 6 brought us fashions from Evans and BHS and included a flirty 1950's prom style and i have to say, in this scene the younger children models looked so flipping cute! The dresses weren't really my thing though. And next we had a Latin treat with fashions from Oasis and menswear from M&S. The Latin fashions tended to be floral and tropical prints full of vibrant colours and energy.
(Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
I really enjoyed the next two scenes, i thought the decadent fashions from Miss Selfridge were absolutely stunning with a beautiful array of nude chiffons which looked totally glamorous and very 1920's at points. My all time favourite scene was the festival theme in scene 9 because i absolutely love the style! The leather shorts are something i wish i could pull of, but i just adore how laid back and grungy the fashions are.
(Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
This is a continuation of the festival scene because i laaaave it so much! These clothes were from USC, H&M and BHS. Seriously though, look at those adorable stripy dungarees! I want!
(Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
With a couple of scenes left to go, scene ten jumped back to a very clean, tweed chanel inspired feel with fashions from Jigsaw and River Island. After this there was a John Lewis nautical scene, inspired by sea life. I adore the yellow and green shift dress pictured above! 
(Photo's belong to the Mall Cribbs Causeway)
Next, there were even more fashions from M&S representing the sound of spring. I would say the theme for this scene was a sharp classic 1920's garden party including lots of whites and pale colours. Finally, a red, white and blue jubilee celebration presented the grand finale of Bristol Fashion Week which included clothing from various stores throughout the mall.
So all in all, it was a fab show and i want to thank the Mall Cribbs Causeway for having us and Gina for inviting us! I seriously hope there will be a bloggers invite for next season because i will definitely be there!
What's your favourite trend for the upcoming Spring/Summer?
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Thursday, 22 March 2012


Hey guys, So I'm attending Bristol Fashion Week tomorrow at the Mall Cribbs Causeway and i need help because i don't know what to wear! AHHHH! 
Now it doesn't take a genius to realise i should've posted this 2 days ago because it's now a rushed last minute decision, but hey ho, I'm quite a last minute kinda gal. I'm also an indecisive kinda gal, hence why i need your help!
Outfit One:
Blouse: Paprika Fashion
Maxi Skirt: Topshop
Studded Loafers: Topshop
Denim Jacket: Ebay
Outfit Two:
Velvet Dress: Topshop
Denim Jacket: Ebay
Belt: Primark
Rings: JWLRY

PLEASE can you let me know which outfit you think i should wear tomorrow and if you don't know about BFW theres more information on the mall website here. Also, at the event there will be live blogging where i'll be twitter updating so you can follow me on @kfh34163 or use #BFW to follow tweets. I'll be doing a follow up post on the weekend so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that!

Is anyone else attending Bristol Fashion Week tomorrow? Let me know, i'd love to say hello!
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Sunday, 18 March 2012

It's an instagram life.

I haven't done an instagram post before and it looks like fun, let me know what you think!
1. Powercut = candles in the bathtub and extreme cosiness! 2. Naughty purchase, but smells amazing! 3. Is Bristol trying to become the new London? 
4. Thought i'd try out MUA lipsticks, for £1 you can't go wrong. 5. Mother's day gifts and 3 for 2 in boots! 6. Got these falsies from ebay for well cheap.
7. March Glossybox Harrods Edition 8. Yummy graze box, looove Chedder Gorge 9. New iPhone case from ebay which i LOVE LOVE LOVE!
10. Ozzie the kitten is growing! He eats anything. 11. I made these cute-ass rainbow cupcakes! 12. Chillin with my friends cutie pie dog, Stella.

This is just a little insight onto my personal life which i hope you enjoyed, i've definitely enjoyed doing this post so let me know if you want to see more!
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Friday, 16 March 2012

March Glossybox

Here goes, my final Glossybox review! I hope you guys like She Said because that's what you'll be seeing on here from now on! I just want to point out, I don't have anything against GB and i think they're probably the strongest beauty box on the market at the moment. The products they provide are usually very high quality and i appreciate that trying to cater for a wide range of people with different preferences and skin types etc. is probably really difficult. However, i felt that the excitement of GB had worn off for me and the samples included tend to be wasted and after a while, just end up sitting in my drawers. I much prefer trying new kinds of make up and nail products rather than skincare and recently that's all I've been getting.
This box was free for me as i had enough glossy dots to covert but now i have unsubscribed. I really hope now that i don't see all of your reviews and regret it! But hey ho, onto this months box.
Now, as i'm sure you all know already, this months beauty box was a collaboration with the luxurious Harrods. I have to say, i really like the idea of Special Edition boxes, and this was no exception (although the Valentine's box was a bit poo). I was a bit disappointed that the little information sheet this month had no prices or full sized product info so i can't inform you guys of that today i'm afraid but without further ado, this is the box i received in all of it's glory..
At a glance, i'm like WOAH look at all those luxury brands! But to begin the elimination process, i handed over the skincare things to my mum. I appreciate YSL and Clarins aren't cheap, but i'm only 18 and I don't feel like my skin needs to be "lifted." That's not to say i think skincare products aren't worth it though because in order to keep your skin in it's youth, it is important to take care of it. Like i said, i appreciate that GB have included these fabby brands, but unfortunately they're just not for me. (On a side note, my mum loves them!) I'll just quickly let you know, the YSL serum is said to help increase youthful activity in skin cells, and the Clarins body cream is said to help lift and tone for firmer skin and a younger looking body.
Moving on from the negatives... The perfume sample in this months box is SO DAMN YUMMY! I'm currently using one teeeeny spritz a day praying that it doesn't run out because i can't get enough of it! I have used Marciso Rodriguez before and i love love love it. I can't describe it at all, but it's a really feminine almost clean scent, but sweet at the same time? I like that it really stays on you all day and i catch wafts of it as i go about my business. Thumbs up from me! 
Next, the Molton Brown heavenly ginger-lily moisture bath & shower gel, this product for me screams luxury. It's a wonderfully subtle yummy scent which isn't too overpowering and it does a lovely job at moisturising your skin. It's definitely a special occasion product rather than daily use but overall i was pleased to try this out. It's a shame Molton Brown are so expensive.
Finally, saving my favourite until last, i received the Burberry miniature lip mist in shade No202. I've been wearing this everyday this week to give an honest, fair review and i've found it to be a lovely product. I love the cute packaging which makes it feel so luxurious and i love the attention to detail because even the lipstick has the famous Burberry design printed onto it. The colour i received wouldn't be one that i'd pick out for myself because it has quite dark undertones, it's more on the brown-y side of coral pink which doesn't suit me particularly well. Perhaps worn over the top of a brighter lipstick may have better results. The finished look is quite glossy so it can be worn alone for that type of finish if that's what you're looking for but for me, the product doesn't seem all that long. Overall, i enjoy using the lip mist and i would consider repurchasing but definitely in a different shade.
 A bit of a mixed bag for me this month, i can't wait to try She Said next month and i'll let you all know how it goes. 
What did you think of this months Glossybox? Hope you all have a fabby weekend!

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Sunday, 11 March 2012


Woah, i just realised how long it's been since i did a wishlist post! At the moment, there isn't loads of things that i'm really lusting over which is weird for me, but these are a small selection of goodies i have my eye on.

1. To begin with, My Neighbour Totoro is one of my favourite anime films, so when i saw this on Temporary Secretary  i thought, *swoon!* I can't think of many places who sell this type of jewellery actually, so check out Sarah's shop for some cute and fun pieces. (Plus she's lovely!)
2. Spring is well on it's way and so many people are rocking the pastel trend at the moment. Personally i love the idea of coloured jeans and i think the mint green and baby pink colours in Topshop at the moment are so versatile, yet cute and summery so i'm yet to get my hands on them.
3. Also from Topshop (most of my wishlists are!) i spotted this cami, firstly through fantasy shopper actually, and i love it! I've been really enjoying the crosses trend and i really like how it's subtle in this piece. I think the shape of the cami is really cute too, nice and loose and flowy to hide my constant food baby!
4. I'm not really a perfume junkie, but recently i've been sooo into scents and i've wanted to try Loverdose for ages now. I had a sample ages ago and just loved it, it's a sort of vanilla-y and liquorice scent which sounds like a weird mix but it's just lovely. Somehow i never manage to part with my money over perfumes!
5. I've seen these Charlotte Olympia styled shoes everywhere recently too and i'd just love a pair! They remind me of my dad's new kitten and they'd match my iPhone case so well! I found these on Daisy Street who i've heard many good things about :) They're definitely really affordable.
6. Finally, i couldn't leave this without mentioning the new collection at topshop, Sisters Of The New Moon. Not only does the packaging look adorable, but i LOVE the mystical vibe they have going on, especially in the form of nail varnishes. The shade i've chosen to include in my wishlist is "Hypnotic" but they all look amazing so check them out!

I love reading your blogs, especially wishlists, so please leave them in a comment below! Or let me know what's on your wishlist at the moment :)

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I wanted to post this at 7, earlier this evening but my boyfriend treated me to a lovely meal out, so now i'm writing this tucked up in bed with a full, content tummy. 
So anyway, I came home from sixth form to a lovely exciting parcel from Sarah over at Temporary Secretary. A few weeks back, she hosted a fabulous giveaway and i was the lucky winner of the floral blouse by Paprika fashion so here it is!
As you can see, it was a nice enough day to wear my sunglasses, Yay!
Sunglasses: Accessorize
Blouse: Paprika 
Cameo: Accessorize
Skirt: New Look
Belt: Primark
Tights: Sainsburys
Shoes: Topshop

The blouse itself is a size 10 and it is slightly on the baggy side so for a more formal look, i decided to tuck it into a black body-con skirt. For sixth form, i'll wear this outfit with a smart black blazer but today i opted for sunglasses and a denim jacket which made me feel really summery! I really love the pussybow style neck tie as it adds a lovely bit of detailing to the outfit, so all in all a big thank you to Sarah!
Just to update you guys, i'm working really hard with my sixth form work at the moment which is why my posts have been fairly sparse, but i am trying! 

Hope you guys like the outfit and catch you in my next post!
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