Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Cleo Feather Dress

I can't thank Emily enough for this GORGEOUS motel dress! It arrived just in time for all of this glorious weather and i've literally worn it NON-STOP! I don't normally go for these types of dresses, this one is super sophisticated and i normally go for something a bit more.. I don't know young? I don't know, but seriously, this dress makes me feel so grown up, a bit like a classy business women. The cut is so stunning, REALLY flattering! This is a size XS and it's still loose enough to feel really comfortable and casual. The skirt is very floaty though, beware of sudden gusts of wind! (When i first wore it, some poor random guy on the street had the shock of his life! Need i say any more...)
I am going to be getting a lot of wear out of this pretty number, don't you just adore the feather print? It feels really vintage which is why I teamed it with some other vintage-y accessories. This was a really good opportunity to show you guys my beautiful new bag which i picked up from the local charity shop. Unfortunately it has no indication of brand, but it really reminds me of something you'd find in Zara? I just adore it, you can use the handles and it looks quite briefcase-esq or you can actually push down the handles and it becomes and over sized clutch! MIND BLOWN! Why hasn't everyone got a bag like this yet!!
In other news, on Friday I finally finish sixth form FOR GOOD! AHHH I'm so so so excited, and so ready to leave now. On Thursday we have to go in wearing the yr7-11 school uniform (burgundy blazer and tie) then on Friday we go in fancy dress. Some of you already know i'm going in as tinkerbell, massive thank you to everyone who tweeted me idea's and make up idea's too! I'll be sure to post some pictures up on here soon.

Do you love Motel dresses? Is anyone else finishing school?
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Saturday, 26 May 2012

Delilah Dust GIVEAWAY - Closed

Hey guys, hope you've all enjoyed the sunshine this week. This weekend, i have an exciting giveaway for you all. I've teamed up with Antonia from Delilah Dust to give one of you the chance to win this gorgeous feather bracelet in order to celebrate Antonia's birthday. Please make sure you all go and wish her a happy birthday, it would make my day :) @DelilahDust 

If you'd like to win this beautiful little handmade bracelet made out of waxed cord and a silver plated feather, all you have to do is:
-Follow sleep.wake.hope on GFC
-Like Delilah Dust on facebook

And that's it! Comment below to let me know you've done so. For an extra entry, make sure you wish Antonia a Happy Birthday on twitter (@DelilahDust), and let me know you've done so in the comments below. This giveaway will last for 1 week and will end on Saturday 2nd June. 
If you're not lucky enough to win, Delilah Dust is having a sale, so make sure you snap up some bargain jewellery!
What's your favourite Delilah Dust piece?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse: Beauty Travel Pack

After enjoying the Skin Heroes (review here) I took up the opportunity to review the Montagne Jeunesse Travel Pack recently!
Now, this is a little pack that folds out like a book and it contains a little selection of pampering goodies, great to take away on holiday. Each of these pack include 2 Orange body-washes, 1 Apricot and Mango skin smoother, 1 Pomegranate and Passion Flower peel off mask, 1 Lime Oil and Citrus hair mask and finally, 1 Spearmint and Blueberry foot cooler. These are all 15ml or under, so perfect for flying and even can be taken on your hand luggage, so no excuses for not taking proper care of yourself! What's extra great about these products is that they are suitable for vegetarians because all ingredients are naturally sourced, always a bonus!
The first product I couldn't wait to try was the Pomegranate and Passion Flower peel off mask. If you follow me on Instagram, you will know, it's no secret that my boyfriend and I love a good pamper session, sometimes I wonder if he should be the one reviewing these products! So we both had a face mask evening where I tried this peel off mask. I LOVE peel off masks because they are so easy to use and really quite fun. What I loved the most about this one was the scent, so delicious and fruity! And it made my skin feel really fresh.
Now, because of this glorious heat wave we've had, next i decided to try the foot cooler. This is a product that begins creamy and begins to cool your feet, then turns into a powdery texture and leaves your skin feeling cool and tingly. It's a weird, but pleasurable sensation, and I have to say, strangely I loved the scent. Blueberry and Spearmint wouldn't go together in my head but i really loved this. The only down side was that I personally don't like the powder-y texture and feel on my skin but that's just me. 
The next product was the Juiced Orange body wash, perfect to take with me to the gym! I kept one for me to try and let mum try one which she was happy with! The orange-y smell of this is so fresh and invigorating, really waking you up. It's also pretty moisturising which is feels lovely on the skin, it's a shame they don't sell this by the bottle.
If you'd like to try one of these for yourselves, they are £5 from the Montagne Jeunesse website.
I'd just like to mention, I know a lot of bloggers have tried products from this brand lately, and I was lucky enough to be sent these for review purposes, but it doesn't change my perception of the brand, I genuinely really love the Montagne Jeunesse products, and their customer service is faultless.
Instagram: kfh34163
What's your favourite product from Montagne Jeunesse?

Monday, 21 May 2012

Baby Skulls & FOTD

Hey guys, I hope you're all enjoying the glorious sunshine, finally it's beginning to feel like Spring/Summer! Today I thought i'd show you a lovely piece of jewellery I won through Vicky's Dixi giveaway as well as my everyday make up look. I was able to have a piece of my choice, so I went for the baby skulls necklace pictured below. Also, i don't tend to do make up close ups because I have a lazy eye which I feel ruins the pictures, so let me know if you like these sorts of pictures!
How adorable are the little tiny skulls? I love the Dixi jewellery range, it was so hard to just pick one thing! But I really love this piece because it can be easily teamed with almost any outfit, and i wear a lot of gold. One thing that did surprise me though, is this piece is very much a yellow gold, which I don't have any objections to, but it does feel quite bright!

Okay, now for the make up. So on my face today I wore:
17 Photo Flawless Primer
Foundation: Este Lauder Double Wear in Shell (Applied with the Real Techniques Stippling Brush)
Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer in "Light 2"
17 Oversized Animal Bronzer
HD Brows Kit (Ash)
MUA Clear Mascara (To set my brows)
Urban Decay Naked Palette: Sidecar over the lid with Buck in the crease and Virgin on the brow bone
17 Eyeliner in black
17 Peep show mascara
Revlon Lip Butter in Cupcake
What do you think of the cute necklace? And what everyday make up do you wear?

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Instagram 003: Beach Walk

1. Young Volunteer of the Year award 2. We were in the Newspaper! 3. Outfit of the day 4. Face of the day, I always remember this day because our school was evacuated due to a bomb scare! 5. Sleepy kitty. 6. Grace's super yummy birthday cake 7. Tickets to the theatre 8. Took my little brother to see Lostprophets for his birthday 9. Silver Crest Award.
10. Aussie were aussome enough to send me a bottle of their new 500ml MEGA shampoo (thank you <3) 11. Trying out the Este Lauder Night Serum 12. New purchases including the Real Techniques Stippling brush, Lush Trichomania and Honey I washed the kids. 13. New Yankee Candle air freshener in Beach Walk 14. My textiles exam final piece! 15. Cheeky charity shop find, reminds me of something you'd find in Zara! 16. A rainbow birthday cake I made for Mim 17. My brothers birthday meal (duck - yum yum!) 18. Playing League of Legends while I'm sick.
What have you guys been up to lately? If you'd like to follow me on instagram, my username is kfh34163 xx

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

May She Said Beauty Box

Hey guys! So i know this is probably a little later than other reviews, but i like to give myself time to use the products i receive in beauty boxes to actually give you an honest opinion of what i think. So this is what i received in the May She Said Beauty Box and also what i thought of the products.
The first thing i was drawn to when i opened up the box were these super cute false eyelashes. They're from The Vintage Cosmetic Company and i received the 'Nancy' pair. Without sounding hypocritical, i haven't had the chance to use these yet because i haven't been out anywhere nice enough to put on false eyelashes. However, i'm sure you'll all agree that the packaging is to die for, and these are the kind of lashes that really make your eyes pop without going overboard. They also come with glue which is fab and they are re-usable. These retail at £6.00 - not bad!
The next product was also full sized. This is what i like about She Said, the majority of products are full sized and you really get your money's worth! Anyway, this was the Natio Lotus Soap, this one was in Pink Lotus. It definitely feels like a luxury soap, it's meant to enhance a calming mood and mind. I'm not sure if i would go as far as to say that it has this magical calming effect, but it's nice enough. It smells like an aromatherapy product, so it's nice to use in a hot bath. 3 of these in a pack cost £8.50.
The bonus products in this box were three skin care samples from Snowberry. These included 2 day creams and an eye serum. I've used both the day creams and they feel nourishing and moisturising, plus again, i really love the packaging. They include the little kiwi bird because the natural ingredients are sourced from New Zealand. As far as i could tell, these weren't scented, but i have had a cold lately :P
The next item was again full sized and it was this gorgeous Lip Whip by Inika. I am totally in love with the shade, it's this lovely orange-y coral colour which looks lovely on my hand, however on my lips it's a little bit more sheer. I think this is a lovely product, but i wouldn't spend £14.50 on it. I do appreciate that this is a vegan product and it does contain essential nutrients, but i think you can find cheaper alternatives that are just as good as this.
Admittedly i haven't tried the Green People Tan Accelerator yet because i'm saving it for the summer. It's a perfect size to take on holiday, and i'm really looking forward to giving this a go. It's supposed to speed up your tan by 25%!
Finally, i also received this perfume sample by Kim Kardashian. I'm not a fan of perfume samples in beauty boxes, but i really like this one. Probably because it's a roll on, which means i can chuck it in my handbag and use it to freshen up when necessary. The scent is quite fresh and sophisticated which again shocked me how much i like it! 

 Do you guys subscribe to beauty boxes? What did you get this month?

Friday, 11 May 2012

Strawberry Sorbet

I thought i'd share with you my most recent wishlist, these things are never ending!

1. Firstly, i saw this bralet on the Topshop website, because i am always on the topshop website! I swear in every wishlist i include topshop clothing - not good! Anyway, this isn't exactly a spring/summer piece but it is so me, i just love it. I think it would look really nice with a long black maxi or little denim shorts. 
2. It's my year 13 prom next month and i have a dress sorted, but i'm looking for gold accessories to spruce it up a bit, including jewellery, a belt, shoes and a little clutch bag. I think this/these earrings would look so cute if i have my hair back. I also can't believe they're only £4! But if anyone see's any cute gold metallic shoes/bag - let me know! I'm finding it difficult to find things that don't look cheap and tacky.
3. Following on from my search for the perfect prom jewellery, i found this beautiful necklace that would look amazing with my dress from a place called Sheinside. Unfortunately, i've heard that shipping can take a long long time so i don't want to take any risks with it not arriving in time. Nonetheless it's a lovely necklace!
4. I have been wanting to get my hands on these eos lip balms for so long now. I know there have cropped up some places online that sell them for about £5/6 i just need to get around to purchasing them, but i really want to try the strawberry sorbet flavour and the minty flavour. I absolutely love the packaging, i think they're genius.
5. Also beauty related, i'm thinking of re-dip dying my hair with pink on the tips, so to try it out, i really want to get the Kevin Murphey Colour Bug hair shadow in pink. I just think these look so cute, and they would give me a good indication as to whether i want permanent pink hair or just temporary for fun! I've only seen these on amazon, if anyone knows anywhere else you can get these, will you please let me know? Haven't had the best experience with amazon lately.
6. Finally, another Topshop wish, but can you blame me!? This skirt is just so flipping lovely, the colours are so dreamy and the cut, just perfect for spring! Yeah i don't really see myself wearing this all that often which is why i haven't bought it, but it really is one of those items you dream of because it looks so lovely.
What's on your wishlist at the moment?

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Top 5 Favourites: Nail Polishes

Following on from my top 5 favourite bloggers post, i thought i'd turn this into a little series and this time talk about my favourite nail varnishes that i own. Plus i needed an excuse to use this nail wheel because they're so therapeutic to paint!
 First up is my favourite glitter polish, Juicy Jules by Models Own. I only buy the Models Own nail polished when there's an offer on because i think they are slightly on the pricey side, but i absolutely love they're polishes. I think they have a really good consistency and i particularly love the glitter because you can wear it over the top of a colour as an accent nail or you can build up the glitter on it's own. It's got  mainly blue holographic glitter in it but there's a mixture of other colours too. Who doesn't love a good glitter polish!?
Secondly is this gorgeous holographic ruby red colour by Nails Inc called Bond Street. All of their London polishes are named after streets i believe! And don't you love the packaging on this bad boy! I just love the rhinestones on the lid. I find that this colour is gorgeous for nights out, you really can't beat a classic red. But it looks a lot more "grown up" and sophisticated because it's a bit darker than your average red. It also glides onto the nail really nicely and you only need a couple of thin coats for opaque colour.
Next up, i never thought i'd rave about a Miss Sporty product. I've always seen their products aimed at younger girls for some reason, but how wrong am i! I seriously love this nail polish. It was gifted to me last year on my birthday along with a couple of other colours from their "clubbing" quick dry range. This is a very silvery based pink/purple and i just love the finish. It's almost metallic in a way and you literally just need one coat and you're good to go! Plus it really is quick dry, so it's perfect for people like me who are super impatient. I also believe these are rather cheap, so if you haven't already, i urge you to try miss sporty nail varnishes because i was very pleasantly surprised!
I love this colour so much that it's the only nail varnish i've almost reached the end of! (It is a mini version though). I can't find the name or number on the bottle which is annoying but it's an absolutely gorgeous spring time colour. It's (another) holographic greeny/bluey colour but when it hits the light it almost looks a bit pink/purple. The colours really remind me of a mermaid, it's lovely. I will say though, it does tend to chip quite quickly and you need a couple of layers to build it up but it's worth it!
Finally, i had to mention my trusty Barry M hot pink shade in "Shocking Pink." I've been repurchasing this one for a couple of years now because it's just a really nice basic pink. It looks lovely in the day but can also be worn at night, looks good in any season, it's just a really girly, versatile nail polish. I find that the Barry M range is so reasonably priced as well and they have a good solid finish too. 
On another note, i recently hit 200 followers so thank you all for that! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know 200 people read what i enjoy writing about :)

If you have any ideas or requests as to what you think i should do for my next "Top 5" post, let me know in the comments - all ideas are welcomed! 
What are your favourite nail polishes? 

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Jack Daniels Burger Night

I went out yesterday evening to TGI Fridays for a meal with my friends Alley and Grace and decided to get a little bit dressed up. At weekends i seem to find myself with no free time and going out with my friends can be a rarity so i enjoy dolling up a bit! 

Leather Jacket - Thrifted
Blouse - New Look
Necklace - Clothes Show Live
Shorts - Primark (Only £5!)
Tights - Gift
Wedges - Primark
As usual i opted for my trusty leather jacket, seen in all my outfit posts! And i have to mention my shorts which were only £5 from Primark - that is what you call a bargain! I'm thinking of studding these around the pockets or something to give them more of an edge, if any of you have any ideas of what i could do let me know! 
But yeah, last night was lovely. I had the classic Jack Daniels burger because i love the sauce! And a couple of yummy cocktails, if you haven't tried their baileys/oreo milkshake cocktail, YOU MUST! I had it instead of a dessert and it tasted so good. It was also really nice to spend some girl time with Alley and Grace, we got a bit of shopping done too and i FINALLY bought the RT stippling brush that everyone raves about. I also have to thank the girls for helping take some photo's, they kept making me giggle and we had a lot of fun.
I love Alley's shoes and the colour of Grace's skirt! Anyway, i hope you guys enjoy the bank holiday weekend. The majority of my weekend is and will be spent working. I've recently started working in a club in town on Saturday nights, so juggling that with retail on weekends is quite tiring! Also i've been asked to nanny two young girls on a Sunday afternoon after work so it really is go go go for me at the moment but i am still fitting in blogging! I have a tonne of beauty related posts heading your way soon so keep your eyes peeled!
Just a couple of crazy snaps..
What plans do you have for the bank holiday weekend? Enjoy yourselves!

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes

As some of you may know from my constant moaning about my skin, lately I've been having a bit of a spot problem. Never have I ever before had an issue before, but now as i approach the later part of my teens, my skin seems to be totally playing up. So when I was contacted by Montagne Jeunesse to try their new Skin Heroes range, i jumped at the opportunity! 
The Skin Heroes are comprised of 5 sachets of facial products aimed to combat any problem you are having with your skin, whether it's a break out like me.. or whether you have dry/oily skin, even blackheads. 
L-R Dry Skin Mask, Break out Mask, T-Zone mask, Shine Control Mask and De-Clog Pores.
The first thing I tried was the De-Clog pores which contains strips which you apply onto wet skin over your nose (like in the picture). You leave this on for about 10 minutes, then slowly remove. It makes the skin over your nose feel really clean and fresh, great for those days where you wear extra foundation. The pack also contains 3 stips, so 3 uses for £1.49 and personally i would say you'd only need to use these once a week, so that is super affordable! You can buy these here or at ASDA. 
The next one, i tried in the bath which explains the poor picture quality and lack of packaging, but it was the Break Out Mud Mask also at £1.49. This contains Tea Tree and Wildflower so it's really good for my problematic spots. When on the skin, the mask feels really cold so it's super refreshing and i really like that they include a second sachet of moisturiser to apply after the mask. Also it feels really good to use natural ingredients on your skin so these are suitable for vegetarians. 
I've also tried the T-Zone mask which i think is my favourite so far because it doesn't get messy! It left my skin feeling super clean, fresh and soft. The consistency is a clear gel, which is why you can't see it so well on my face, and you just pop it onto your skin, let it dry/set, then peel it off along with all of your impurities! I seriously love this mask, it again has tea tree and witch hazel to combat problematic areas, so it doesn't smell amazing, but it does a good job and results in beautiful skin. Also it's kinda fun to peel off..
The other two, i haven't tried yet, i'm saving them for a rainy day, but i may let you guys know when i do use them if you like? I just think these are so much fun for girly nights in *Sleepover time!* or maybe even party favours? and they also have really good results so it's a win-win. Like I said, these are available at ASDA for a cheap-o £1.49 and they are suitable for vegetarians because they strive to use natural ingredients - Woohoo! 
Have you tried these before? Let me know if you have/do! 
Apologies for the lack of make-up, i am very much aware of how young i look.