Thursday, 17 July 2014

Bare Minerals 'Frame and Define' Review

I've not tried anything by Bare Minerals before, so when I had the chance to choose something from Chemist Direct, this was a brand I had in mind. I chose to treat my eyebrows to the 'Frame and Define' in universal light. The styler claims to be an all-in-one, delivering perfectly polished brows, which is what we all desire, right? 
When it arrived, my first impressions was regarding the neat, yet stylistic packaging. I think products with pretty packaging makes it all the more lovable. I also like the twisty design of the pencil, much more fun than sharpening every week or so. The only issue is that I have no idea how much product I have left!
In total honesty, I thought that this styler could have done with a brush.. this was before I discovered that when you pull the other end of the pencil.. there IS a built in brush.. *blonde moment*. So it has everything you need to create the perfect style for your brows. The colour is almost seamless to my natural shade and the formula of the product means that I don't go through it too quickly.. a problem I seem to have had in the past with eyebrow pencils.
One last nifty little trick that this product has in store is the 'tips and tricks' pamphlet inside teaching you how to get the best results. For me, who doesn't get along very well with the whole eyebrow procedure, this is actually very helpful. Overall, I was rather impressed with the product and most definitely consider repurchasing.   
If you want to try this for yourself, you can pick it up from Chemist Direct for £12 (RRP £13). Also, let me know what products you use for your eyebrows or if you've tried this one?
This product was courtesy of Chemist Direct who are one of Europe's largest online pharmacies. They stock a vast array of beauty and healthcare products and ship to many countries around the world. I have also found that many of the products are cheaper than finding them in store and delivery is SUPER fast! Chemist Direct also have some useful services such as an online doctor and a blog in which they provide customers with handy tips and advice.

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