Friday, 16 March 2012

March Glossybox

Here goes, my final Glossybox review! I hope you guys like She Said because that's what you'll be seeing on here from now on! I just want to point out, I don't have anything against GB and i think they're probably the strongest beauty box on the market at the moment. The products they provide are usually very high quality and i appreciate that trying to cater for a wide range of people with different preferences and skin types etc. is probably really difficult. However, i felt that the excitement of GB had worn off for me and the samples included tend to be wasted and after a while, just end up sitting in my drawers. I much prefer trying new kinds of make up and nail products rather than skincare and recently that's all I've been getting.
This box was free for me as i had enough glossy dots to covert but now i have unsubscribed. I really hope now that i don't see all of your reviews and regret it! But hey ho, onto this months box.
Now, as i'm sure you all know already, this months beauty box was a collaboration with the luxurious Harrods. I have to say, i really like the idea of Special Edition boxes, and this was no exception (although the Valentine's box was a bit poo). I was a bit disappointed that the little information sheet this month had no prices or full sized product info so i can't inform you guys of that today i'm afraid but without further ado, this is the box i received in all of it's glory..
At a glance, i'm like WOAH look at all those luxury brands! But to begin the elimination process, i handed over the skincare things to my mum. I appreciate YSL and Clarins aren't cheap, but i'm only 18 and I don't feel like my skin needs to be "lifted." That's not to say i think skincare products aren't worth it though because in order to keep your skin in it's youth, it is important to take care of it. Like i said, i appreciate that GB have included these fabby brands, but unfortunately they're just not for me. (On a side note, my mum loves them!) I'll just quickly let you know, the YSL serum is said to help increase youthful activity in skin cells, and the Clarins body cream is said to help lift and tone for firmer skin and a younger looking body.
Moving on from the negatives... The perfume sample in this months box is SO DAMN YUMMY! I'm currently using one teeeeny spritz a day praying that it doesn't run out because i can't get enough of it! I have used Marciso Rodriguez before and i love love love it. I can't describe it at all, but it's a really feminine almost clean scent, but sweet at the same time? I like that it really stays on you all day and i catch wafts of it as i go about my business. Thumbs up from me! 
Next, the Molton Brown heavenly ginger-lily moisture bath & shower gel, this product for me screams luxury. It's a wonderfully subtle yummy scent which isn't too overpowering and it does a lovely job at moisturising your skin. It's definitely a special occasion product rather than daily use but overall i was pleased to try this out. It's a shame Molton Brown are so expensive.
Finally, saving my favourite until last, i received the Burberry miniature lip mist in shade No202. I've been wearing this everyday this week to give an honest, fair review and i've found it to be a lovely product. I love the cute packaging which makes it feel so luxurious and i love the attention to detail because even the lipstick has the famous Burberry design printed onto it. The colour i received wouldn't be one that i'd pick out for myself because it has quite dark undertones, it's more on the brown-y side of coral pink which doesn't suit me particularly well. Perhaps worn over the top of a brighter lipstick may have better results. The finished look is quite glossy so it can be worn alone for that type of finish if that's what you're looking for but for me, the product doesn't seem all that long. Overall, i enjoy using the lip mist and i would consider repurchasing but definitely in a different shade.
 A bit of a mixed bag for me this month, i can't wait to try She Said next month and i'll let you all know how it goes. 
What did you think of this months Glossybox? Hope you all have a fabby weekend!

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  1. Wow, you got an amazing box! Very jealous. Enjoy :) x

  2. You got the same box as me hun. I know what you mean I have a stash of samples building up that I haven't used. I am making a conscious effort at the min to get through them, currently working on the molten brown bubble bath :) One things for sure the little bottles make perfect travel bottles once used! x

  3. this is the best box i've seen them do for a long time, well done to glossybox this month lol x

  4. Wow, you received amazing stuff in this box!! I love the Burberry lippy! Xx


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