Saturday, 14 April 2012

April: She Said Beauty Box

So as you guys will probably know, I unsubscribed from Glossy Box and decided to try She Said instead! Which is a pound or two cheaper and just mixes things up a little, i was getting bored of GB! So here's what I received this month, and the reason it's a bit late (I got this box about 1-2 weeks ago) is because i wanted to try the products before giving my opinion.
Naturally, the first thing I saw was the Lindor egg (omg so yummy!) and i thought it was a really sweet idea to embrace the Easter season.
The first beauty product I received was the Mischa Barton (when did she start making beauty products?!) Luscious Lips in "Pink Pop" which retails at £12 - in all honesty i wouldn't pay that much for this product. Don't get me wrong, it's perfectly lovely, really hydrating and it even has SPF 15. I'll definitely be replacing my vaseline with this, but I think you can find similar products for much cheaper. Plus this product looks like it should be really pigmented but you do have to apply a lot to get some colour. When you do get colour, your lips look (and taste) super kissable.
 The next product was the Bellapierre Shimmer Powder which is this gorgeous golden colour PERFECT for summer. I've been using this almost as a highlighter and it's been great! Loose pigments can be a real pain to work with but i just use a powder brush, tap off excess and place this on the top of my cheekbones and slightly down my nose. It gives me a really pretty glow so this is definitely a thumbs up from me, but who are Bellapierre cosmetics? I've never heard of them before and £12.99 a pot is a little bit expensive!
Okay, so i've seen some pretty bad reviews about the Comfort Zone products, and if we get these in every box, i'm going to be disappointed. But as this was my first time trying the products, i loved the packaging and some of these sample were great for me to take to centre parcs to try. I think these are ok, i wouldn't buy them myself but at this stage, i wouldn't slate the products. I really liked using the fruity peel exfoliator (I love yummy smelling products - instant win) and I also really enjoyed using the Aromasoul shower gel too.
By the way, full sized, these products range from £19.95 - £58.25
Again, what is filthy gorgeous? Never heard of this brand before She Said beauty but maybe that's a good thing - these boxes are all about introducing new brands! Anywho, I received the shade "Valentine" which is like a deep, high shine red. I painted this onto my toes last week and i've had no chipping which is good! Also i found that it was really pigmented so I only applied 1 maybe 2 coats, so i was really impressed with that. I think i would've preferred a different colour because i have soooo many red polishes, but that's just me being picky! This nail varnish retails for £9.
This little tub of face and neck polisher from Bharti Vyas was really great for me this month, because i've getting a breakout of spots on my neck/back so i'm trying to clear it up with this product and a few lush things - if anyone has any miracle spot treatments PLEASE LET ME KNOW! So yeah, not a lot to say about this product, it's been good, but not something i'd usually enjoy receiving in a monthly beauty box. Also a full sized product for this would cost £22.50
What's that? Another product you say?! Yep, this month there was a BONUS item! Yaaaaaay, who doesn't love a bonus. I won't show the individual creams because when i got round to photographing this, it was half used! So this is the Erno Laszlo "The Hollywood Collection," which is a skincare range named after classic Hollywood stars. This stuff is super luxurious and really expensive ranging from £85-£175 so it's interesting to try. I particularly enjoyed using the Marylin Monroe Morning Beauty Rescue, and i still have a few others left which i'm excited to use.

Overall, if you add up the contents of this box, you really are getting a lot more than what you pay for, and it's really fun discovering new brands and products. I particularly loved the Shimmer Powder next month - what was your favourite?
If the She Said Beauty Box takes your fancy, Sign up here and let me know your thoughts, or if you've done a review, i'd love to read what you thought.


  1. i really like it when they're brands I've never heard of in the boxes and especially when they're high end/expensive- that way you get to try something you'd never normally invest in, in case you hated it! If its good then you know its worth the money :) and u get to try something you'd never normally get a chance to.

    These items all look really nice :) xx

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  2. such great reviews, your blog is just so lovely, keep up the good work, ill be visiting again very soon :)

  3. ooo, this looks like an awesome box - theres so many things in there i'd love to try. I agree with getting bored with glossy box too! xo

  4. It's nice to read reviews about other beauty boxes besides Glossy Box! Looks like you got a good mix of products :) x

  5. Love gold makeup :) Apparently it brings out blue eyes nicely so may have to try that :) x x x

  6. Ooo, this looks like a pretty good box, think I am going to see what this months Glossy Box has to offer then maybe switch over :) x


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