Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Zuzi Zuzi: April Wishlist

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter Break, i've come home from Centre Parcs feeling pretty broke but it was a lovely weekend, so I can't complain. With no money to spare, i'm seriously wishing for some of these beauties.
1. First up, I want to try Bioderma, mainly because everyone's raving about it, but also because i would like to find an easy alternative to the boots face wipes I'm currently using. I'm not sure how i feel about spending £15 on make up remover though and how long it will last, so if you've tried this can you let me know your thoughts?
2. How pretty is this cosmic print dress from New Look? It's a real shame they only do this is sizes 14+ at the moment, because i just love the colours. I'm trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe at the moment as i tend to wear a lot of black and white so this is perfect.
3. Bandeau tops. What a genius idea. I wear a lot of sheer shirts and blouses so I'm really loving the idea of these at the moment. I also really like the way they look with the racer back tops and i think that would look really nice for summer. You can get these for £2.99 on eBay in loads of different patterns and colours.
4. I don't really have any good make up brushes, just unbranded ones that work fine but they're not particularly easy to use and they don't give me the finish that i really want, so i'd like to try the Real Techniques brushes and the core collection looks like a good way to start. Also, this would be such a nice gift to give to someone, don't you think?
5. I went shopping last week in town and in Primark i saw some flatforms for £14 - I wanted them so badly but my bank balance disagrees with me at the moment. I think the idea of flatforms is amazing, because they are so easy to wear on a daily basis (I've found a heel i can drive in!) and being a tiny 5ft, this is important for me. Maybe on next months pay check i'll reconsider purchasing.
6. Finally I've been on a bit of a perfume craze lately. I popped into boots a little while back and the lady on the Dior counter spritzed me with the Miss Dior Cherie, and since them I've wanted to go and buy it. It's such a lovely light, fresh feminine scent and it made me feel really grown up. My birthday's a little while away, but I think this will be on my list.
Hope you all had a lovely Easter break, What's on your wishlist at the moment?


  1. My wishlist is looking pretty similar to yours atm! I love that perfume, and the galaxy dress is gooooorgeous.

    e x

  2. So happy I've just discovered your lovely little blog through the #fbloggers hashtag! You have wonderful taste! Oh that dress is lovely, gutting about the sizing though! Maybe it'll still look good oversized! I think I'm going to splurge on the Real Techniques brushes too, because like you I only have a couple of unbranded ones I got in a Christmas set years ago.

    ♥ Leigh, Fox & Feather

  3. oooooo i like the flatforms!


  4. AS IF the flatforms are Primark never would of thought and YES I am getting the real technique brushes ASAP xx

  5. That cosmic print dress is beautiful! I definitely need to invest in some bandeau tops :)

  6. Cool!!!
    I love your blog!!
    Could you please check out mine??

  7. love all these pics - especially the flatforms! x

  8. The RT brushes are so worth it - the Core Collection is amazing. Also I haven't tried Bioderma but I'm using the Johnson's eye make-up remover which is also meant to be micellar and it works really well - and obviously quite cheap too!

  9. Miss Dior Cherie is definitely worth it! I love perfumes with a lingering scent and that certainly lingers... also Dolce&Gabbana- the one, and D&G- (3) L'Imperatrice are beautiful scents, I'm slightly obsessed with them x


    1. Ooh i'll get a tester and see what i think - thanks sweet xx


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