Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wishlist: Penny Talk
1. My mum bought me a similar variation of this bracelet in a chrome-ish colour and i've found that i'm wearing it to death! With the recent rose-gold hype, i think this bracelet would go with anything! Badass.
2. I saw Jennie wearing a variation of this dress on her blog and i just thought it looked super flattering, great for everyday wear as well as dressing up a little. Sometimes the simplest of things can look the nicest!
3. After searching high and low for some new dresses to wear out to town, i stumbled across this on the missguided website and i just love the stud detailing! Not sure how well this would stay up though, it does look a little flimsy! Missguided prices tend to be so reasonable it's hard to resist splurging.
4. So, one of my random lusts this month are the White Fudge Flipz, i received an exciting box of goodies from cybercandy this week and now i pretty much want to try everything on their website! These look like they taste so delicious!
5. I'm pretty bad when it comes to biting my nails, but lately i've been really good and kept them in a really good condition.. which just gives me the excuse to buy more nail polish! I know the famous Essie polish is Mint Candy Apple, but i really love this colour which is "Penny Talk" I think it's a really wearable colour, but girly and feminine at the same time.
6. I really need a new fragrance seeing as my Loverdose recently ran out (sob sob!) but i loved the scent still, so my friend recommended blackXS by Paco Robanne which is similar because it's got that sweet, but musky smell to it, and it's much cheaper than splurging on Miss Dior Cherie! I wish.
7. Finally, i've been lusting after these adorable skull bracelets that are everywhere right now. Topshop do some pretty awesome ones, but i find that ebay is the place to go for cheaper variations and i love the pastel colours as they make them look more girly. 
What's on your wishlist? I'm going away on a Tipi Adventure holiday so things may be a little quieter around here for a while, i'll update you when i get home!


  1. I love number 3! I'm obsessed with stud detailing :)

    Dorethy Perkins also has some of the skull bracelets for cheaper than Topshop.

  2. Lose the skull bracelets !
    I have a bright colour one and a white and a black one :)
    Love the stud bracelet too :)
    Launa in Ponderland


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