Friday, 31 August 2012

Tipi Adventure

Hollaaaa! I feel that my blogging entries have become a lot more sparse recently which sucks, but unfortunately i've been busy working literally all the shifts i can. My friends are all off to uni soon as well so when i'm not working, i've been trying to spend as much time with them as possible. Life will die down at some point though. Until then i thought i'd share an experience i had a couple of weeks ago along the River Wye. Most of you will know i have just completed my final year of 6th form, and it tends to be a tradition that in the summer, you go on a wild crazy hot drunken holiday, maybe like Zante or Ibiza? Well, always wanting to be different, my friends and i thought we'd go on an adventure holiday instead. 
The way it works, is you are supplied with a map, canoes, paddles and life jackets, you are placed along the river, and you canoe downstream until you find the tipi you will be staying in overnight. There are pubs and cafe's along the way as well as beautiful scenery and thank goodness, we were fairly blessed with warm weather. We stopped off at every checkpoint, having a pint or two which made it feel like a giant pub crawl down the river! We had a lot of fun travelling down the water and then building campfire's and toasting marshmallows back at our tipis.
I obviously went with my friends, but i've also done this holiday with my family a couple of years ago and it really is a lot of fun! And fairly inexpensive when you go as a group. Being a fashion and beauty nerd, i'll admit it was difficult to feel attractive as you put on a sexy waterproof and sling your hair back into a topknot! But sometimes it's nice to just wind down and enjoy spending quality time with friends. There's also sunglasses which work well at concealing a lack of make-up. I literally only took the essentials - foundation, mascara and a tiny bit of eyeliner. I also chose to wear comfy clothes like leggings, shorts and t-shirts - I wore my Orange Circle unicorn top a LOT! Oh and my waterproof!
I hope you don't mind this post, it's something a little different and normal fashion and beauty related posts will resume shortly! If you are interested in looking into a Tipi Adventure holiday, the company is run by the nicest people you will ever meet - they have a website here.
Have you been away this summer? Where have you been?


  1. Aw thats sounds like so much fun. Its good to try knew things and be adventerous :)

  2. I used to love kayaking on the Wye!


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