Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fashion: Tartan and Daisies

Every year, I never understand the fascination with the January sales. Usually I buy a couple of bits and bobs here and there.. but this year i'm a student living off of my student loan, which somehow has meant all my money has disappeared into the January sales abyss, mainly the ASOS abyss actually. I convinced myself it was okay, because they offer free delivery and free returns.. Oooh and student discount! This is my ASOS haul (so far).
Black Polo Neck Crop Top - ASOS
Statement Necklace - Stolen from Mum's jewellery drawer..
Tartan Skirt - ASOS
Tights - Tesco
Boots - ASOS
Bag - New Look (Christmas present from younger brother).
Nails - OPI 'OPI Ink'
This first outfit is so perfect for A/W because it actually keeps you super warm aswell as staying on trend. Tartan has been so popular this season and pairing it with a simple black top keeps it wearable and suitable for everyday wear. I paired this outfit with a chunky statement necklace just to add interest and to show how this versatile outfit can quickly be changed from day wear to night attire.
The boots were a total steal at £30 for real leather! However i did have a couple of problems with ASOS because at first they sent me a pair with completely faulty insoles. They were glued in half way up the boot if that makes sense? I sent them back requesting a replacement and they sent me these which have the same problem, just less severe. So i'm currently debating whether or not to ask for another replacement.. what do you think?
Daisy Print Swing Dress - ASOS
Tights & Boots - As before
This dress caught my eye because it looked really comfortable and easy to wear, yet really pretty and feminine. I was right, it's super soft and hides and lumps and bumps, but does anyone else think it's a little.. unflattering? I'm really unsure whether or not to send it back. I adore the print, and wearing this to uni would be easy to just chuck on, but the shapelessness does me no favours. The t-shirt styled high neck also seems to look strange on me, so i'm really at a loss. Help and advice would be appreciated!

However, if you are one of the lucky so-in-so's who can pull off a swing dress, this would be a lovely piece for that difficult winter to spring wardrobe transition. I think it looks sophisticated and cosy with a pair of boots, but it would also look good bare legged with strappy sandals.
Leather Zip Jacket - New Look (old)
Leather Collar dress - ASOS
Tights & Boots - As before.
Lastly, I picked up this patterned leather collar dress from Club L at ASOS. Supposedly it's knitted, but it was also a complete steal at £11.50 (down from £40!). I've already worn this out to my friends birthday meal on New Year's Day and it's that type of dress that is perfect for that kind of Smart/Casual event. I love how the leather collars adds a little fierceness, yet the shape is so girly and cutesy. 

So yes, I've spent waaaay too much on the ASOS website this month, not to mention i've also bought some new Forever 21 goodies, books, candles, lush treats.. the list goes on and someone needs to stop me before things get out of hand.

Also, these are the first outfit photos i've taken in over a year and I have to thank my gorgeous boyfriend for helping me out. I think he's done a really good job, tell him what you think over on his blog

What have you guys bought in the January Sales? Let me know on my Facebook page!


  1. The shirt is solo cute.. love it, you look really nice


  2. Oh, I really, really want that daisy dress like SO much! Unfortunately I'm far from petite so it would be far too short on me! The boots are lovely too so it's a shame about the insole! You should complain again. £30 is still a lot of money!

  3. Looovely! Love your bag! <3

  4. I need that swing dress in my life! x

  5. Ohh I love your tartan skirt & I really love the swing dress on you! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. The first outfit is soooo beautiful - your waist looks tiny!


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