Thursday, 29 May 2014

i know what boys like.

It's true, I know what they like - beautiful nails. And lucky me, because last week my mother brought home some pretty polishes from the much coveted Deborah Lippman range. However, the special phenomenon regarding these particular gems is that they were purchased for one singular pound each. Yup, £1 for what are normally around the price range of £10-£15! To be totally honest with you, she works for House of Fraser and was quickly alerted about a major sale happening. Naturally she snapped up the opportunity. But if you are in the right place at the right time.. you never know what bargains you may encounter!
(Candy Shop, I know what boys like, Across the Universe and Fade to Black)
I really love the shade, 'I know what boys like', because of it's wear-ability. The glitter shades are fun and very eye grabbing but they contain chunky glitter which is sometimes difficult to work with. Usually these glitter shades have a prettier result when applied with a normal shade. I had a go at some variations below. 
(I know what boys like with Across the Universe over the top, Fade to Black with Candy Shop over the top and then I know what boys like with Candy shop over the top.)
Oh the fun playing around with nail varnishes!

*Just to clarify, the title of this post simply reflects the name of a featured nail varnish. I don't really know what boys like*

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  1. £1? Wow! I never get that much luck finding bargains. These are all gorgeous shades, I especially love the glitters...they're so unique compared to others that I've seen! x

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