Sunday, 29 January 2012

You May As Well Kiss The Internet Goodbye.

How cute are these picture's i've recently found on tumblr and weheartit? Too cute not to share!

Hey guys, so i've been wondering whether or not to publish this post for a little while now, and i've come to the conclusion that it's important that we all know the threats of these internet copyright acts going around at the moment. If you're not interested in these current changes, i hope you enjoyed the pretty pictures while you still can! Some of you may be aware that SOPA and PIPA was recently withdrawn, (here fore more info), However ACTA which is 10x worse is now in motion. 

These video's are really good at explaining the act itself:
1   2  
However, if this act passes, what i literally just did by sharing links with you guys would mark me as a criminal.

For example, i've recently been liking images on tumblr which i think are too adorable not to share (above), but if ACTA passes, tumblr itself wouldn't be able to function as a social networking site, let alone twitter, youtube, facebook and even OUR BLOGS! 
Although this act has already been signed, the deal is not yet done. First it needs to be ratified by the European parliament and this decision will be made in June this year so we need to say NO to ACTA before the internet as we know it becomes a censored mess. If you want to do your part, spread the word about ACTA, call you local MP's, write letters, posters, make songs or videos! Just do whatever you can to protect our freedom as we know it. 

I believe in a FREE internet!

Sorry for the seriousness of this post, a lighthearted glossybox review should be on it's way to you guys in the next couple of days!

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