Saturday, 7 January 2012

Best in Show Dog

I originally wanted to share with you some outfit posts today. I set aside time, made sure the clothes i wanted to wear were washed and ironed, even hung up on my door ready to wear for this afternoon. The weather was really nice today and it would've been a prime chance to take photo's but unfortunately this morning i woke up with half a swollen face. My wisdom tooth on the bottom right hand side of my face has been breaking through for a while and i get the occasional ache, probably like everyone else but this was really extra-painful. I booked an emergency appointment in the NHS walk in centres in town, quickly got ready and kindly, mum rushed me there.  Luckily there's nothing seriously wrong, it's just an infection and now i have anti-biotics and pain relief which should clear things up over the next few days. The only issue is, i feel like the most un-photogenic person in the world! Which means no photo's of me this week. I do need to thank my mum and boyfriend for being so sweet about it all though :)
As i was in town, i did cheekily pop in to Topshop to browse through the jewellery so here's a couple of things i picked up.
The first thing i picked up was this pretty collar styled necklace at an easy £4.50 (plus student discount - i couldn't really say no could i?) This was down from £14, bargain. I really like the scalloped edge too, I think i'll wear it with basic scooped neckline to add some pretty detailing.
I've been meaning to pick up a lip liner for ages now because i keep borrowing my mums. I love topshop make up and just picked this one up while i was queuing. It's like a coral pinky colour named, "fearless" and stays on really well actually. I think it was around the £5 mark.
These next couple of things, i didn't pick up from town but instead recently received them through the post :) This cute necklace was courtesy of Eclectic Eccentricity through a giveaway on Lauren's blog. I wore it on NYE and planned to feature it in an outfit post today! It's really sweet, i tend to wear it underneath my collar when i wear shirts and blouses which i think looks really nice. If you have a spare few minutes, have a look at the EE website because they have some real gems on there. (Love this.)
Lastly, i thought i'd show you a quick picture of my new headband courtesy of Little Fille (through another giveaway) Thank You! This is the Lola headband in red i believe. It's a lovely rich red colour and made with a velvet material. Its also stretchy which is always good and i think it's a really interesting piece to add to my wardrobe. I'm not quite sure what i'll wear it with yet, but it will feature in some sort of OOTD sooner or later!

So that's it for now, I plan to do some more shopping that's not quite so rushed at some point when i find spare time. I've loved seeing all of your sale bargains, so if you have done any recent haul posts, please link down below and i'll have a gander!
Lots of love xox


  1. I was going to buy that collar necklace! I got some other goodies instead haha. Lovely things, the dog necklace is SO cute.

    shabna x x

  2. The dog necklace is so cuteee! xx

  3. I have a topshop lipliner mine's in Ceramic, their really good quality!


  4. The dog necklace! cute! & the lipliner, I think I have used lipliner only a few times, I should make it more of a necessity in my makeup routine!


  5. Oh my god wisdom tooth infections are the most painful thing ever!! I like your collar necklace. Its pretty xx

  6. I absolutely love the Little Fille headband! Might just have to buy myself one :)x x

  7. Oooh thanks for all your comments you lovely lot! xox

  8. Oh gosh that necklace is so cute! and that lipliner looks great :)
    hope you can join makeup giveaway :)


  9. The dog is definitely really cute - my boyfriend wants us to get a sausage dog. Really like the collar as well. Not sure I'd know how to style it but I'm excited to see how you do!

  10. Gorgeous finds! I'm absolutely obsessed with Topshop makeup right now so I'll have to give the lip liners a try. Lovely blog :) xxx


  11. Ouch you poor thing! Wisdom teeth are SO horrible :( mine caused me hell for about 2 months but fnally seems to have settled *jinxes self* that lipliner is goorgeous I need one in my life - fed up of winky lipstick ha-ha


  12. Love the necklace, it's adorable :) x


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