Tuesday, 31 January 2012

January Glossybox: Valentines Edition

This months Glossybox was always going to be tough following the Christmas edition, and i have to say, I am slightly disappointed this month. Skincare is just not my thing because i have eczema and i don't like trying moisturisers in case they cause more irritation.  I have to say though, i love that Glossybox are making special edition boxes because it keeps things exciting, and the sweetie included was super cute :)
The first thing that caught my eye was First Aid Beauty's Gentle Body Wash because the packaging was sweet and i expected it to smell really yummy! But unfortunately it was totally unperfumed and i didn't think it was anything particularly special either. I applied this last night after bathing and then this morning after washing, particularly on my legs and i haven't really noticed any difference in my skin, maybe i need to try it a few more times but I wouldn't buy the full size product for £10, that's for sure. 
I have mixed feelings towards Murad's Primer sample too, sorry to be a moaner. This product was one of my favourites in the box simply because i'm a big believer in primers, I currently use Garnier's BB cream, but i'd love to try the illamasqua satin primer (hint hint!). So i've tried this a couple of times already and the overall finish isn't bad actually, the issue i have with it is that it doesn't seem to spread well, if that makes sense. With the BB cream, a little bit goes a long way, but the application of Murad's primer just feels too.. elasticated. Also it seems try dry up quickly, like when i rub it in, it goes all "bitty" on my face. I love the packaging though and it does give an even coverage and radiant glow. 
Yet, more skincare! In all fairness, Clarins are such a good brand so i understand why Glossybox have chosen to include the Extra-Firming Day and Night creams. I don't really use firming creams at the moment but i did try the Night cream last night and it seems nice enough. I can't really give a good review on them i'm afraid! My mum also gets Glossybox and she's far more likely to use them so if anyone wants to know any more, leave a comment or tweet me and i'll ask her what she thinks! For £46+ for a full sized product, i would expect quality though. 
The Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner was definitely my favourite product in the box this month, although again there are a few downsides to the product - again, sorry for the negativity. I received this product in Midnight blue and the colour as you may be able to see, is lovely and pigmented. I think this will work really nicely for a smokey eye actually and it's easily smudgable too which is nice. My mum received the Powder Pink colour which i think i may be borrowing at some point because it looks like a good eye brightener! I also like the handle on the end of the liner for when i near the end of the pencil, it's a good idea and makes the product feel more expensive. The issue i have with this product is the fact it is actually quite small minus the handle! I look forward to trying out the pencil properly - hopefully on Friday night! 

Sorry if this review was too negative for you, but it's my honest opinion of the box and i know Glossybox can't always please everyone. In fact i know loads of people really loved this month's box so let me know what you thought!
Much love xxx


  1. I'm excited for my Glossybox to come (for some reason they seem to reach me quite late) I love primers so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it :) Lovely post! xxx


  2. i've been umming and ahhing as to whether i should get into glossy box or not as their are so many boxes going around i have no idea which one to pick ! this ones does look particularly nice though :) i've given you an award on my blog too! www.twaddleandtomfoolery.blogspot.com xoxo

  3. ooo what a good box! I was really annoyed with my last FU box so might switch to glossy soon :( xo

  4. I got all the same stuff as you, except my eyeliner was in plum. I think the body moisturiser smells horrible :( good post! x

  5. Oh you got the same as me however I got the plum eyeliner like RubesScoobs - I have to say I have the same feelings about this box which is why I am considering cancelling as it seems that everyone gets the same regardless of their profile preferences. I wasnt impressed with the moisturiser which smelt of nothing and hardly felt luxurious and well as for the firming creams well these went to my mum who happily accepted however this will be the second box which I have received with products aimed at the older skin! I think most people were dissapointed and they are going to have to up their game now they are competing with the likes of Carmine, Feel Unique etc x


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