Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My Top 5 Favourites: Nail Polishes

Following on from my top 5 favourite bloggers post, i thought i'd turn this into a little series and this time talk about my favourite nail varnishes that i own. Plus i needed an excuse to use this nail wheel because they're so therapeutic to paint!
 First up is my favourite glitter polish, Juicy Jules by Models Own. I only buy the Models Own nail polished when there's an offer on because i think they are slightly on the pricey side, but i absolutely love they're polishes. I think they have a really good consistency and i particularly love the glitter because you can wear it over the top of a colour as an accent nail or you can build up the glitter on it's own. It's got  mainly blue holographic glitter in it but there's a mixture of other colours too. Who doesn't love a good glitter polish!?
Secondly is this gorgeous holographic ruby red colour by Nails Inc called Bond Street. All of their London polishes are named after streets i believe! And don't you love the packaging on this bad boy! I just love the rhinestones on the lid. I find that this colour is gorgeous for nights out, you really can't beat a classic red. But it looks a lot more "grown up" and sophisticated because it's a bit darker than your average red. It also glides onto the nail really nicely and you only need a couple of thin coats for opaque colour.
Next up, i never thought i'd rave about a Miss Sporty product. I've always seen their products aimed at younger girls for some reason, but how wrong am i! I seriously love this nail polish. It was gifted to me last year on my birthday along with a couple of other colours from their "clubbing" quick dry range. This is a very silvery based pink/purple and i just love the finish. It's almost metallic in a way and you literally just need one coat and you're good to go! Plus it really is quick dry, so it's perfect for people like me who are super impatient. I also believe these are rather cheap, so if you haven't already, i urge you to try miss sporty nail varnishes because i was very pleasantly surprised!
I love this colour so much that it's the only nail varnish i've almost reached the end of! (It is a mini version though). I can't find the name or number on the bottle which is annoying but it's an absolutely gorgeous spring time colour. It's (another) holographic greeny/bluey colour but when it hits the light it almost looks a bit pink/purple. The colours really remind me of a mermaid, it's lovely. I will say though, it does tend to chip quite quickly and you need a couple of layers to build it up but it's worth it!
Finally, i had to mention my trusty Barry M hot pink shade in "Shocking Pink." I've been repurchasing this one for a couple of years now because it's just a really nice basic pink. It looks lovely in the day but can also be worn at night, looks good in any season, it's just a really girly, versatile nail polish. I find that the Barry M range is so reasonably priced as well and they have a good solid finish too. 
On another note, i recently hit 200 followers so thank you all for that! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy to know 200 people read what i enjoy writing about :)

If you have any ideas or requests as to what you think i should do for my next "Top 5" post, let me know in the comments - all ideas are welcomed! 
What are your favourite nail polishes? 


  1. I'm really in love with Miss Sporty's pearl clubbing polishes :) I'm wearing one now! The Max factor polish looks stunning! I think I may need it... ;) x

  2. dying to try the max faxor polishes! really nice picks :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  3. I love Miss Sporty's nail varnishes, I have a couple of the clubbing range and I wear them all the time! The ones I have are matte, rather than the metallic one you have featured, and I love them. I want a really good pink one next, so I'm going to go and have a look in Superdrug at the weekend!

  4. These are such a lovely range! I really like Models Own but I might have to try Miss Sporty for a more affordable version.

  5. I love my sally hansen inta-dry polishes! They don't dry in the minute it says it will, but you wait 5mins and then you're good to go!

  6. Amazing Colours if you like these you should try the purple magnetic Barry M nail polish it is amazing :) I hope you will follow my blog :)




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