Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes

As some of you may know from my constant moaning about my skin, lately I've been having a bit of a spot problem. Never have I ever before had an issue before, but now as i approach the later part of my teens, my skin seems to be totally playing up. So when I was contacted by Montagne Jeunesse to try their new Skin Heroes range, i jumped at the opportunity! 
The Skin Heroes are comprised of 5 sachets of facial products aimed to combat any problem you are having with your skin, whether it's a break out like me.. or whether you have dry/oily skin, even blackheads. 
L-R Dry Skin Mask, Break out Mask, T-Zone mask, Shine Control Mask and De-Clog Pores.
The first thing I tried was the De-Clog pores which contains strips which you apply onto wet skin over your nose (like in the picture). You leave this on for about 10 minutes, then slowly remove. It makes the skin over your nose feel really clean and fresh, great for those days where you wear extra foundation. The pack also contains 3 stips, so 3 uses for £1.49 and personally i would say you'd only need to use these once a week, so that is super affordable! You can buy these here or at ASDA. 
The next one, i tried in the bath which explains the poor picture quality and lack of packaging, but it was the Break Out Mud Mask also at £1.49. This contains Tea Tree and Wildflower so it's really good for my problematic spots. When on the skin, the mask feels really cold so it's super refreshing and i really like that they include a second sachet of moisturiser to apply after the mask. Also it feels really good to use natural ingredients on your skin so these are suitable for vegetarians. 
I've also tried the T-Zone mask which i think is my favourite so far because it doesn't get messy! It left my skin feeling super clean, fresh and soft. The consistency is a clear gel, which is why you can't see it so well on my face, and you just pop it onto your skin, let it dry/set, then peel it off along with all of your impurities! I seriously love this mask, it again has tea tree and witch hazel to combat problematic areas, so it doesn't smell amazing, but it does a good job and results in beautiful skin. Also it's kinda fun to peel off..
The other two, i haven't tried yet, i'm saving them for a rainy day, but i may let you guys know when i do use them if you like? I just think these are so much fun for girly nights in *Sleepover time!* or maybe even party favours? and they also have really good results so it's a win-win. Like I said, these are available at ASDA for a cheap-o £1.49 and they are suitable for vegetarians because they strive to use natural ingredients - Woohoo! 
Have you tried these before? Let me know if you have/do! 
Apologies for the lack of make-up, i am very much aware of how young i look. 


  1. I've never tried these, but I totally need to, everyone says they're amazing! x

  2. The breakout mask was lovely from this range left my skin feeling squeaky clean but not dried out. Love a little pamper sesh with a face mask and these provide just that for such a budget price.

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  3. I really liked the peel off mask as well, it's nice when you don't have to scrub dried off mask afterward! x


    1. I totally agree with you! That's why i liked it sooo much!

  4. thanks for sharing - i need to check these out

  5. I have tried these and came up with funny skin so odd! But I have got very sensitive skin! Any advice for me? :) xxx

    1. Ooh that is odd, i have quite sensitive skin too. Which product did you try and what were you trying to achieve? As in was it to fight dry skin, a break out, oily skin?


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