Friday, 19 October 2012

Cybercandy Poptarts: Cookies and Creme

*WARNING: This post may make you feel hungry."
Recently I've been lucky enough to join the Cybercandy blogging family which means I've had the chance to taste some really delicious treats, including the frosted cookies & creme pop tarts. Being a big fan of cookie flavoured things, i was really excited to try these and i wasn't disappointed! I was actually pleasantly surprised with how creamy and tasty these were. A perfect breakfast treat in my opinion... (Or lunchtime treat, even dinnertime perhaps?)
I shared a packet with a friend a couple of days ago and asked for his opinion:- 
"They're scrumptalicious and choccywoccydoodah and creamaloony!"
In all seriousness, these are probably the best tasting poptarts I've tried so far. I definitely prefer the chocolate toaster pastries to the vanilla ones. Not to mention i was really impressed with the filling in these, they have a perfect combination of creamy and stickiness making the consistency just right. It does say on the packaging that they are a good source of vitamins and minerals too so guilt-free deliciousness! Wooohooo! 
I can't fault Cybercandy either, with they're friendly positive attitude and awesome packaging. I love the robots and the "nomnomnom's" on their delivery boxes and the cute free magazine is so retro and fun to flick through while your waiting for your poptarts to cook! Next on my list to try is definitely the white chocolate fudge flipz! Has anyone else tried them yet?
Have you ever tried Poptarts? What's your favourite flavour?


  1. Literally could not love Cyber Candy more! I wish there was one really close to me, I think the nearest in central london! However I'm going to Brighton next weekend so will have to get some treats! <3 xo

  2. Katie! Boo you! You've made me so hungry hahaha.
    I tried pop tarts once and didnt like the flavour... so these looks so tempting. *runs to the shop*


  3. That looks AMAZINGGG i want one lol

  4. Oh man these look AMAZING! So bad but so good :) x

  5. I've never tried these, they look uh-mazing! I also have a huge cookies and creme obsession. Whoops.

    The Style Rawr!

  6. Yuummmmm! Oh mah god just what I need riiight now!



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