Wednesday, 31 October 2012

She Said Beauty: October

Unfortunately, this month i was really disappointed with the She Said Beauty Box. The samples i received were quite cheap and none of it floated my boat. I thought i'd review it anyway because i guess that's the way beauty boxes work, some months you're going to be really pleased, and some months you'll be disappointed. For now i'm going to stick it out and hope that next month's will be more promising. This month was mainly skincare products.

I've never heard of Herbacin before or even seen any of their products. In fact, after doing a little bit of research, I think it's a German country and it looks like you can only buy online, so a little pointless to add into the box in my opinion. However the handcream itself is quite handy for this time of year. My hands always go dry and cracked and it gets very painful so i did appreciate this new addition. I also like the fact that it comes in a tin because its small enough to fit nicely into my handbag. It has a light floral scent making it smell lovely and fresh. Obviously, the packaging is also very cute with the little flower! It says this is supposed to protect your hands in all weather conditions and the chamomile in it is meant to smooth and moisturise hands to ensure elasticity and softness. I think She Said could have been a little more generous because this was  20ml tin worth 99p classed as "full sized."

Another teeny tiny 3g sample (enough for one, maybe two uses), this is the Cellnique Advances Bio Renewal Masque and again, i have never heard of Cellnique before. This could be seen as a good thing because it means that i can give a completely unbiased view of the brand, but it's annoying because again, they are only available overseas. This is formulated out of fresh fruit enzymes and acids which you can really smell. I really like fruity scents so it really appeals to me. Its quite a gentle exfoliator, but i did not see and significant results in my skin. Perhaps if i had a bigger sample it would have been different. It worked fairly well as a cleanser and yes, my skin felt fresher but i wouldn't be going out and paying $51 on this product based on this sample.

b.liv is a brand by Cellnique which I found interesting because we've basically got two of the same brands in one box. This product is called "off with those heads" and is meant to clear blackheads and whiteheads. It has a really weird scent which reminds me of bongela! I'm very lucky and i don't suffer from spots so i haven't seen any effects from using this but the smell is enough to put me off to be honest. And the gel like consistency is really strange to rub all over your face! If i did get any breakouts, i may consider using this, but i think you can get better products for $49. Also this is another tiny 3ml sample and you can maybe get one or two uses out of it. And again you can only purchase this online. 

These two samples of KeraStraight moisture and protein masks are about the only things i got excited for in this box. My hair is so dry and damaged at the moment, i really need to get to a salon, but the mixture of it being expensive and having no free time means i just haven't had the chance, so i really love finding hair products that may make it temporarily healthier for the time being. This is a leave on mask that i used before washing my hair and i left it on for about 20 minutes. After using it, my hair seemed a lot softer and conditioned but also straighter. My hair tends to dry quite wavy but after using this, I hardly even needed to use straighteners. I really like how thick the consistency of this product is, it just feels like it's doing a good job. I would be interested in trying this product again, but i'm not sure about the £25 price tag. These two samples received were both 10ml

Next up is the Biao Beauty rejuvenating night cream which seems like a nice enough product, Again, it's hard to see results when you only have a 2g sample. This smells like a lavender wheat bag which i think it quite comforting for a night cream just when you're about to go to sleep. It feels very moisturising, if a little bit greasy, and is meant to also protect against premature aging. I have also never heard of this brand before but that's probably because they're not available in the UK. The packaging is really sweet, i love the picture and the colour scheme and i am a sucker for cute packaging. However, again i don't think i'd feel comfortable paying $24.50 for a full sized version of this. 

The last product is the bonus product, or the "SSB treat" they've started to call it. It's the second full sized product in the box and it's 30 tablets of vitamins. In my opinion that's not even a beauty product and they come in the form of tablets! I hate taking tablets even when i'm poorly, so these are literally awful for me. They're supposedly a food supplement for those who are on a "health kick." There's not a lot i can say about this product except no, just no. This sachet is worth £2.49. 

I hate to be so negative, which is why i put off doing this post for quite a while but i suppose you've got to be honest about these things. I'm sorry She Said beauty, i really like the brand and i still think they're one of the best Beauty Box companies out there but this month was a complete let down. I just hope you can step up your game next month. 

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What did you think about the October box?

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  1. i was really disappointed with this box too, and to be honest a couple others so i've un-subscribed unfortunately :(


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