Saturday, 3 September 2011

Love Hearts and Crosses

I got my LHC package a couple of days ago and I love my new jewellery additions! 

ewww chubby fingers :(

I'm happy with all my purchases, they're all lovely. Especially the owl necklace which came free (RRP £15) - making it all the more lovely! Thank you Love Hearts and Crosses for a great Bank Holiday offer! 

The earrings are actually a birthday gift for a friend of mine, as she tends to be all about the luck, so I hope she's not reading this at the moment! What a spoiler if she is! Anyway, the earrings are adorable. Simple, but they add a really cute touch. I hope she really likes them :)

The ring i've had my eye on for a while (On my wishlist below_, and with LHC's offer I decided to treat myself! Plus it was in the sale.. so all good really. I've wanted a cross ring since they've gotten fairly "big." But I just like the way they look. This one's not too statement-y and is actually really comfortable to wear. It looks good with a selection of rings on your hand too and for a fiver, I LOVE it :)

Mum and I went on a shopping "haul" yesterday in Bristol, and we were both in the mood to spend spend spend! I had a lot of fun and bought some BEAUTS! (Splurged a little bit on BOBBI BROWN LIPSTICK!) I'll put up pictures soon :)

Much love xxx

P.S I got my hair cut and went for a style between 2 and 4 (which is probably quite hard to imagine..) so thank you for the advice! I'll try and post some pictures up soon.


  1. Love the owl necklace !!
    Lovely blog just found it :)
    New follower xx

  2. I spotted that necklace. its lovely. Suits you :)

  3. Great blog, Katie! I'll be following from now on... :)


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