Friday, 23 September 2011

September Glossybox

Hey guys! So i know everyone has already reviewed Septembers glossybox and i am waaaay behind, but here goes anyway! For those who don't already know about glossybox (a few may still be out there!), they are a fairly new company, whereby for £12.95 a month (inc p&p) you will receive 5 luxury beauty samples to try and review. I think its quite a good idea, especially as you seem to receive at least one full sized product in the box which is usually worth more than you pay in the first place! Also, for each product you leave feedback for you will get 20 glossydots. Once you have 1000 (10 boxes) you will be honoured with a free glossybox! Woo freebies! Anyway, without further a do, this is what i got this month.

(Even the packaging is soooo pretty!)

(Oops! Wonky picture - but i love the idea that they include info about each product, including discounts if you want to buy to buy the full sized version.)

1. The first product i took out of the box was a sample size of Mary Greenwell's "Plum" perfume. I've read mixed reviews about this one, some saying it's a little to floral and old lady smelling, but i kind of like it! I wouldn't make an effort to buy this one myself, and it is very floral, but i personally like the smell and i like how it seems to be very long lasting and stay on for the whole day. I believe it's retailing at £60.

2. The HD brows palette is definitely a winner in this months glossybox! It's now part of my daily make-up routine and i'm starting to wonder how i was getting by without this! In the palette you get four pigments of shades that would suit any skin type. The colours can be used on brows, as eye shadow or even long lasting eye liner and i use it for all three! When i first tried the product, without prompt my boyfriend said to me, "woah, your eyebrows look really defined!" So they work well. It's retailing at £19.95 and i will definitely consider getting another palette when mine runs out.

3. I'm still unsure about the Nuxe oil that i got this month. It's supposed to be for your face, body and hair to hydrate, soften and beautify, but i haven't really seen any effects. I can definitely say that this product would last a long time and a little bit of oil goes a long way, but i wouldn't pay for the full bottle which is at £37.50.

 4. I was so excited to see the mythic oil when i opened my glossybox! 2 full sized products for this month seems like beginners luck to me. The mythic oil is a beautiful blend of avocado and grapeseed oil. It smells really good and again, a little bit goes a long way so there's no need to use much of it at once. My only issue is that when i used it on damp hair, it did make my hair look very greasy when it was dry. Using it on dry hair has given me beautiful results though. This one is retailing at £14.95 at the moment.

(Had to copy this picture off of the website because mum nabbed it straight away when i opened the box! Excuse the blur.)

5. The srtivectin eye cream, i must admit really isn't my kind of thing. I don't really use eye creams anyway, so i let mum use this one to review for me. She says that it's good for absorption as it sinks very well into the skin, however for sensitive skin it does sting a little bit and therefore she wouldn't recommend it or be happy to pay the full price of £49 for a full sized product.

Overall i am very happy with this months glossybox and really can't wait for the next! My favourite products would have to be the mythic oil and the HD brows palette - i would recommend these to anyone. They both suit all skin tones and all hair types and they were both full size!

What has everyone else though of this months glossybox? And what was your favourite products? Much love, xxxx


  1. Considering signing up to this as so many people have good things to say about it !
    So many people loving that hd brows palette considering just buying one :)

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog :) Check it out if you have time xx

  2. Beautiful, i will do that now! thanks for letting me know x

  3. Love your box- I got a different one but just as happy with mine! I really like the perfume, although shame the full size is so expensive! Btw you may want to hide your address on the first picture :)

  4. Ahh! Thank you so much! Completely forgot to do that. Ta! xx


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