Monday, 26 September 2011


Hello! Just a quick OOTD to show off a recent purchase for ebay. I bought this quiz shirt for 99p, what a steal! I really love it too, it's quite sheer so something to wear underneath is quite important, but it's so easy to wear and goes with almost everything. I've only been in to quiz a couple of times and can never really find anything i like the looks of, but this shirt is lovely. It has a sort of waterfall effect at the back too which is pretty. I tend to wear it with jeans, but it would go quite nicely with leggings i suppose as it wont give you that "you-can-see-everything-through-my-leggings" look! Or i have worn it with a simple black skirt too for sixth form so it looks smart. 

(Some of you may know about the famous Gorilla Hunt in Bristol right now? This is me and Telula. Sorry about the facial expression!)

What do you guys think about quiz? Anyone had any amazing buys there before?
Much love, xxxxx

Friday, 23 September 2011

September Glossybox

Hey guys! So i know everyone has already reviewed Septembers glossybox and i am waaaay behind, but here goes anyway! For those who don't already know about glossybox (a few may still be out there!), they are a fairly new company, whereby for £12.95 a month (inc p&p) you will receive 5 luxury beauty samples to try and review. I think its quite a good idea, especially as you seem to receive at least one full sized product in the box which is usually worth more than you pay in the first place! Also, for each product you leave feedback for you will get 20 glossydots. Once you have 1000 (10 boxes) you will be honoured with a free glossybox! Woo freebies! Anyway, without further a do, this is what i got this month.

(Even the packaging is soooo pretty!)

(Oops! Wonky picture - but i love the idea that they include info about each product, including discounts if you want to buy to buy the full sized version.)

1. The first product i took out of the box was a sample size of Mary Greenwell's "Plum" perfume. I've read mixed reviews about this one, some saying it's a little to floral and old lady smelling, but i kind of like it! I wouldn't make an effort to buy this one myself, and it is very floral, but i personally like the smell and i like how it seems to be very long lasting and stay on for the whole day. I believe it's retailing at £60.

2. The HD brows palette is definitely a winner in this months glossybox! It's now part of my daily make-up routine and i'm starting to wonder how i was getting by without this! In the palette you get four pigments of shades that would suit any skin type. The colours can be used on brows, as eye shadow or even long lasting eye liner and i use it for all three! When i first tried the product, without prompt my boyfriend said to me, "woah, your eyebrows look really defined!" So they work well. It's retailing at £19.95 and i will definitely consider getting another palette when mine runs out.

3. I'm still unsure about the Nuxe oil that i got this month. It's supposed to be for your face, body and hair to hydrate, soften and beautify, but i haven't really seen any effects. I can definitely say that this product would last a long time and a little bit of oil goes a long way, but i wouldn't pay for the full bottle which is at £37.50.

 4. I was so excited to see the mythic oil when i opened my glossybox! 2 full sized products for this month seems like beginners luck to me. The mythic oil is a beautiful blend of avocado and grapeseed oil. It smells really good and again, a little bit goes a long way so there's no need to use much of it at once. My only issue is that when i used it on damp hair, it did make my hair look very greasy when it was dry. Using it on dry hair has given me beautiful results though. This one is retailing at £14.95 at the moment.

(Had to copy this picture off of the website because mum nabbed it straight away when i opened the box! Excuse the blur.)

5. The srtivectin eye cream, i must admit really isn't my kind of thing. I don't really use eye creams anyway, so i let mum use this one to review for me. She says that it's good for absorption as it sinks very well into the skin, however for sensitive skin it does sting a little bit and therefore she wouldn't recommend it or be happy to pay the full price of £49 for a full sized product.

Overall i am very happy with this months glossybox and really can't wait for the next! My favourite products would have to be the mythic oil and the HD brows palette - i would recommend these to anyone. They both suit all skin tones and all hair types and they were both full size!

What has everyone else though of this months glossybox? And what was your favourite products? Much love, xxxx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Eighteenth Birthday Celebrations

Uh oh. Haven't posted in a while! Woopsie, sorry. In all fairness, i've been busy turning 18!
I've made a quick instagram to sum up my birthday :)

1. On the day, i woke to breakfast in bed (scrambled egg on toast & orange juice) and a lazy morning opening a few cards and presents. Me and my boyfriend then went to see the inbetweeners, as we hadn't seen it yet! Anyone else seen it? It's hilarious!! I loved it. Plus we had the whole cinema to ourselves - so yes, we claimed the luxury seats. In the evening we met a few friends for a meal and cocktails at TGI fridays, so this picture is me, Joe, Alley, Grace and Shannon drinking our free birthday cocktails! I think the picture in the background says it all really - "Let's have a drink, Let's have some fun, at last the job is done."

2. This is a picture of the chocolates and cava i got from a few friends - i know chocolate is like a "typical" present, but i do looove luxury ones like Thornton's ones! I snuggle up in bed with a box and a movie, like you do! (thanks Grace :))

3. My brother got me the shoes and nail varnishes! I chose them, he bought them. The shoes were £10 from ebay here. (Mine are in coral.) I loved them after i saw Kavita's on her blog, and i had to get some! The colour goes with everything as well and their so comfy so you can wear them all the time. The nail varnishes are models own, i got them when they were 4 for a tenner!
(L-R "Juicy Jules, Dusty Mauve, Gun Grey and Nyla Nude."
(Juicy Jules, Dusty Mauve, Gun Grey and Nyla Nude. One coat only.)

4. On my birthday, i hit Vodafone and took out a contract on the iPhone 4. My contract runs out next month and theres a brilliant deal at the moment for argos employees to get 50% off all line rental contracts, meaning for a nifty £20 a month, i have everything i'll ever need! I love it, i haven't come off of it since i got it! I'm especially addicted to tiny zoo and tiny tower.

5. This pearl bralet from Yayer, may just be my new favourite thing in the world. It is absolutely gorgeous!! It was a gift from my boyfriend, alongside the remington pearl wand (pic 6). The bralet has a black lacey layer with pearls hand stitched on the top with a zip down the centre front. It's one size for all and the cup is just a little big for me, but i wore it out to town last night over an LBD and it looked and felt perfect. Yayer has quite a unique feel which is why i love my bralet so much! Not to mention, it came it gorgeous gold shiny wrapping. A few of the pearls have fallen off, but can way easily be sewn back on. 
(I wore it to TGI fridays that night)
(White Cropped Cardi - New Look. Pearl Bralet - Yayer. Vintage Locket - Inherited. Belt - Primark. Skirt - River Island. Wedges - Ebay. Pearl Bracelet - Gift from mum. Ring - Llymrs. Nail Varnish - Juicy Jules over Nyla Nude from Models Own.) 

I'm wearing one of the many Llymlrs rings i now own! I ordered a five ring stone mix, and mum and i loved them so much that we ordered 2 more sets straight away. They are so easy to wear and go with everything. Especially as with the mix you get a range of colours and shapes. Plus they are adjustable so they can fit any finger :) I'm keeping some and using some as gifts too. Here's some of the mix i have left. The ones in packaging will either by future gifts or possibly a giveaway for my blog in the near future! (Keep your eyes peeled!) 

(My favourite is definitely this one. And her business cards are cute aswell! Be sure to check her out.) 

6. Moving on from my rambles... Picture six is some more gifts i got, including the pearl wand from my boyfriend - not as good as i thought it would be. I've heard great reviews at work, but you really only get what you pay for it to be honest. I also got some miss sporty nail varnishes in pretty colours, a new purse and the Nadine false eyelashes. The eyelashes are fab! They're not too over the top, so they actually look fairly natural. I wore them out last night and tonight and they still seem very durable. I've actually just put them on my boyfriend for a laugh too! If i was allowed to take a photo i would have shown you. Let's just say he looks.. feminine.

Woah what a long post! Haha i guess this makes up for me not posting for a while. Anyway, i hope you're all good!
Much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 12 September 2011

Quick Hello!

(fooling around with Instagrams in KFC!)
Quick post just to say I've got LOADS of posts lined up and not enough time to make them! I was going to sort out my blog over the weekend but my brilliant boyfriend and mother worked together with my friends and threw me a surprise party for my birthday this week! So it's all going on! Anyway, watch this space for a post on my new llymrs rings, Bobbi Brown purchases and Models own nail varnish :)
Much love! xx
P.S What does everyone think of Instagrams? I'm quite liking them :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Birthday Wishes..

As some of you may know, this time next week I will be celebrating my 18th birthday! I'm quite excited to be able to use my own ID! Haha, and as mum pointed out, I'll be voting at the next elections.. scary thought! Anyway, this is what's on my wishlist this week.

1. I love this princess ring from Temporary Secretary! I actually love a lot of her items and recommend you check her out if you haven't already. I wouldn't usually go for this type of ring, but i think the colours are actually really pretty and glitzy.

2, 3 and 5. I swear I am totally obsessed with lush products right now. Mum and I went in the other day and got so many goodies! The smells are so amazing and the staff are so friendly! I bought a tub of dream cream, and use it constantly, my legs feel so smooth and  moisturised all the time. Anyway, the lemony flutter can be found here (really good for nails and cuticle softening), the sympathy for the skin here (smells AMAZING), and the 9-5 cleanser can be found here.

4. I don't actually own an umbrella and really need a pretty one now autumn/winter is approaching. This one is a little bit pricey for me, especially as I am a pro at losing misplacing my umbrellas. But it is pretty cute!

6. I've always wanted a pretty case for my laptop and this one's adorable! Plus I'm also a little bit obsessed with paperchase at the moment as well! Anyway, even the name "bubble and sweet" makes this laptop sleeve sound cute :)

7. Another paperchase addition, I am really in need of some new stationary for sixth form! My friend has the cat highlighters from paperchase so i really want the panda's! You can find them here.
 What's on your wishlist this week?
                                                               Much love xxxxx

(don't know what's going on with my sig'n.. it just doesn't want to go central!)

Monday, 5 September 2011

Back to School..

Today was the first day back to sixth form! Can't believe I'm in my final year now, time flies so quickly. I've decided to continue with three A2 subjects which are English, Textiles and Sociology - It was tough choosing between film studies and sociology but I just found film studies too stressful last year so it had to be sociology that i carried on with. Anyway, i did a super quick OOTD before i left this morning. Our uniform code is smart, supposedly dark suits (how boring is that?), but as long as you look "respectably" smart (and dodge certain strict teachers) then it's okay!

(anyone read this book, "beloved"? I'm trying to read it for c/w.)

(Only really added this to show you all our super cute new doormat!)

Excuse some of the strange expressions! Haha my brother's not the best of photographers but he did his best. I got my trousers from Topshop on Friday and i LOVE them! I have to shop in the petite range otherwise they don't fit my short little legs and they didn't have many trouser options. But these are perfect! They are super-soft and really comfortable, and luckily they look enough like trousers to wear to school, but I'm always wearing them casually as well. You can find them here - they are labelled as jeggings - but they're really not! £36 is quite expensive for me but student discount lowered the price a little bit and they are a staple item. Jumper was from H&M agggesss ago, shoes from New Look agggesss ago too and details for the owl and cross ring can be found in the post below :) My gold ring was bought at the Clothes Show last year for about a fiver and i'm wearing Barry M nail varnish in "Mushroom."
I also definitely need to nip to paperchase for some new stationary! I just have a couple of pens and a highlighter floating around in my bag at the moment - Not the most organised!

Did anyone else go back today? What are you studying this year?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Love Hearts and Crosses

I got my LHC package a couple of days ago and I love my new jewellery additions! 

ewww chubby fingers :(

I'm happy with all my purchases, they're all lovely. Especially the owl necklace which came free (RRP £15) - making it all the more lovely! Thank you Love Hearts and Crosses for a great Bank Holiday offer! 

The earrings are actually a birthday gift for a friend of mine, as she tends to be all about the luck, so I hope she's not reading this at the moment! What a spoiler if she is! Anyway, the earrings are adorable. Simple, but they add a really cute touch. I hope she really likes them :)

The ring i've had my eye on for a while (On my wishlist below_, and with LHC's offer I decided to treat myself! Plus it was in the sale.. so all good really. I've wanted a cross ring since they've gotten fairly "big." But I just like the way they look. This one's not too statement-y and is actually really comfortable to wear. It looks good with a selection of rings on your hand too and for a fiver, I LOVE it :)

Mum and I went on a shopping "haul" yesterday in Bristol, and we were both in the mood to spend spend spend! I had a lot of fun and bought some BEAUTS! (Splurged a little bit on BOBBI BROWN LIPSTICK!) I'll put up pictures soon :)

Much love xxx

P.S I got my hair cut and went for a style between 2 and 4 (which is probably quite hard to imagine..) so thank you for the advice! I'll try and post some pictures up soon.

Friday, 2 September 2011


Soooo i'm getting my hair cut and don't know how I want it styled! I've picked out some cute styles that I like, but need more opinions!

I think my favourite is number two.. But I keep changing my mind!