Saturday, 4 February 2012


I wasn't sure whether to upload these or not because as you can see, the picture quality is very poor! Normally i would also take my photo's outside but by the time i was ready to go out, it was really dark so my kitchen had to do as a background! I went out last night to town with a couple of friends and we hit a couple of clubs which was really fun and we met some pretty cool people too. All in all (what i can remember) it was a really good night and the club we went to had a really good selection of music to boogie on down to! It's a shame because it got far too busy and crowded though but hey ho! I wore my new velvet Topshop skater dress which i picked up the sale a couple of weeks ago (£18 i think?) and this is such a cute little versatile dress, you can wear it with anything. Because it was cold, i teamed it with my trusty leather jacket and suspender tights with platforms!
Hope you're all having a lovely weekend xxx


  1. love this <3 can't decide about velvet, I think I might have to invest! Love your necklace too :) xx

  2. I really like this outfit, especially that necklace!
    beautiful blog
    xx, Kels

  3. can't go wrong with velvet and lace :)

  4. You look gorgeous!!! xx

  5. Replies
    1. You're too kind :) Thank you sooo much sweet xox

  6. So pretty!

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    ox from NYC!


  7. very cute, i like the belt! x

  8. You look really lovely, I adore the necklace!

    1. Thank you v much sweet :) xo

  9. Love this look! It's gorgeous :) I adore leather jackets over pretty dresses :) I think it's such a cute look that's so easy!



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