Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Range

Hey guys, how is everyone? I've been lacking a little bit lately on the blogging front even though i have a gazillion things to share with you guys. One of these things is the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa face masks which I've been kindly sent to try. These are a little different from the usual masks as they're made from a specially sourced clay which is cleverly infused into a soft, natural bamboo fabric. I have to admit, having fabric on your face is a little strange to begin with but there are actually a few advantages to this form of skin care!
What I liked:-  
  • First of all, i have to point out the beautiful packaging this was sent in. It makes the products feel really luxurious and expensive and would also make a lovely gift for any beauty/skincare fanatic. It was also really interesting to read through the facts about Montagne Jeunesse as a company and how they've grown.
  • The idea of using a cloth as the mask means it's really easy to apply and also really easy to remove. This means it's a lot less messy than a normal face mask.
  • The product left my skin feeling soft and fresh.
  • Montagne Jeunesse is a vegetarian approved brand and the products are made from natural ingredients, so there are no nasty unknown chemicals damaging your skin and you're saving the bunnies :-)
I enjoyed using the products, however there may be a few things that could be improved..

What I disliked:- 
  • Because the product is made of cloth, placing material onto the skin is a really odd sensation and it made my face feel really heavy and irritated. I felt like the slightest twitch or movement could make it fall off!
  • Also, because the cloth has to fit a generic facial shape, it was far too big for my face and the gaps for your nose and mouth meant that patches of my skin were left out.
  • I did also feel like there wasn't enough product on the cloth? Or maybe that's just me being a bit greedy.
  • The scent wasn't displeasing, but it wasn't pleasing either.. The products smelt a little bit like chlorine.
  • I did not look attractive wearing this thing, but then again, who does in a face mask! Oh the things we do to save our skin..
(Mmm, so attractive! But, like i said, you can clearly see this was way too big for my face!)

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spas are £1.49 and are available from Boots (Mid-August), Asda (September) and

Have you tried these products? What's your opinion on material face masks?


  1. I love that you included a photo of you wearing the mask! You absolute babe :') I may have to buy one when they are released to see how I look in one :')! xx

  2. I love face masks! I've tried this brand, but not the clay mask. I now plan too, you look just fab in it haha xo


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