Friday, 6 July 2012

Wishlist: RI Sale Top Picks

A little bit different to my usual wish lists, simply because I found some super cute picks in the River Island sale online at the moment. Here's a low-down of my top sale picks.
1. Crazy as it may sound, but I don't actually own a make-up bag. All the one's i've had in the past have gotten so grubby that I've ended up throwing them away, so I just take minimal make-up with me on the go nowadays! However, now that i've finished school and i'm working, travelling and going out more, I feel that it's time to invest in a pretty but practical way to carry my make-up around with me and i think the river island make-up bags are just too cute! The print on this one reminds me a lot of Cath Kidston.
2. You can probably tell from this list that i've been more into comfort over style lately. I think it's mainly due to the weather being poor as well as being so busy! But i love these laid back styled tee's which would look good with leggings or jeans.
3. River island have some awesome jewellery in their sale at the moment! I totally love this skull ring, and it's only £2  so you can't really go wrong!
4. I've definitely hopped on the coloured jeans wagon, i'm totally in love with my mint coloured jeans and i really want to get a cute pink/coral pair. I just feel that they really add a bit of fun to an outfit and instantly make me feel brighter and happier, these pink ones would be perfect.
5. How adorable is this rose-gold kitty cat? Rose-gold has been so hyped about lately as you all probably know and I just think this is the cutest little thing! I don't see myself wearing it much, but it's on here for it's fun-factor!
6. I'd really like to get my hands on some new sandals so i'm prepared for the sun when it finally makes it's appearance! As i said before, i've been getting more into bright colours lately and i think these pink sandals are really pretty. I also like that they have a very small wedge because sometimes totally flat shoes can wear down and become uncomfortable. 
7. Another comfy top, white tee's like these look really great with coloured jeans so i need to get my hands on some. I actually quite like the colours in the picture too, very summery and pretty.
8. Finally, I've included these RI button style earrings. I don't know what it is about them, but I just think they look quite classy and expensive? I wear cheap studs in my ears most of the time but these look like they're big enough to make a classy statement, but not too big that they over crowd your ears!
Anyways, that is my current RI Sale wishlist (summer addition!) Fingers crossed for a heatwave!

What's on your wishlist at the moment? Have you bought anything from the RI sale?


  1. Love ur picks ! The cat ring is my fav ! And I love the earrings !!! Great post x

  2. i've seen loads of nice stuff in the river island sale, i especially love the makeup bag it reminds me of cath kidston too! xo

  3. The little cat ring is gorgeous, I really like the LA tshirt too xx

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  5. I have so many make-up bags I've been given over the years and I'm trying to get rid of them haha! The one you've picked is lovely, and as you say very Cath K! (I think they have some in their sale too?) Big fan of the jeans and rings also :) X

  6. Gorgeous finds babe. :D

    I think the rings are my favs. :D xx

  7. Great picks! I loooove the cat ring- HELLO CUTE! xx

  8. I really should have just scrolled past this post!


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