Tuesday, 3 July 2012

KLB Fashion Show 2012

Over the last year or so, my friend Molly and I have been organising a fashion event to raise money and awareness for the Tenovus cancer charity, some of you may have heard me ranting about the show on twitter. Anyway, after all of our hard work preparing the event, the evening came around last Friday and I thought i'd share some photo's of my favourite outfits with you. The whole point to the evening (as well as raising money) was to prove that you can make some gorgeous outfits from charity shop finds so all the clothing was provided by the Tenovus store on Wotton high street. Our theme for the evening was fairytale, so we had collections of equestrian, snow white, red riding hood (& lumberjacks!), Cinderella and riches, followed by a black tie finale. We also included a collection of tie-dye clothing created by students at KLB which looked amazing! Molly and I presented the show in some stunning long black dresses which were also from Tenovus, and although I was totally nervous, i really enjoyed the evening. 
1. Cinderella 2. Black Tie 3. Molly and I
4. Equestrian women's wear 5. Equestrian men's wear 6. Me welcoming on the door.
7. Zara dress 8. Tie-Dye unicorn 9. Presenting
10. Daisy print dress 11. Wolf 12. Lumberjack
13 & 14. Lydia Barnes collection.
15. A Fi Plummer design.
17. Finale
I have to give credit to Lewis Boreham and Natasha Yates for the stunning photographs, and thank our gorgeous models, hair stylists and make-up artists for participating. The evening was really successful and everyone has been talking about how much they enjoyed the show. We also had some pretty awesome goody bags and i have Delilah Dust and Kukee to thank for that! Overall, we have managed to raise roughly £2000 for Tenovus, which is more than I ever expected. I'm so proud of Molly and I for pulling this off and I love telling people what we have managed to achieve! On Thursday we're heading down to Cardiff for an awards ceremony as we have been nominated for the Young Volunteer of the Year award for the South-West!
What was your favourite outfit in the show? Have you found any charity shop gems recently?

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  1. Congratulations, looks like it was a great success! xo



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