Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tie Me Bow - The Accessory Stand

You may remember a little while ago I did a small giveaway with The Accessory Stand? Well  couple of weeks back I was kindly sent a selection of lovely rings from The Accessory Stand and I thought i'd share them with you guys because they are just lovely! My favourite is definitely the "Tie Me Bow" ring pictured above. I don't know what it is about bows right now, but I'm loving everything girly so this is perfect for me. It's a two finger ring, but it's totally adjustable so it's actually really comfortable to wear, I can't even feel it when i wear it. It's just so so so pretty and girly and i absolutely LOVE it.
The boho ring is also really wearable and really pretty, it's got such a hypnotising stone! With a small amount of glitter, it would look really lovely for a fancy occasion or night out, but is also suitable for everyday. It reminds me of something i'd pick up at Topshop, but for a much cheaper price. 
You may recognise this puurrrfect piece (see what i did there?!), from the giveaway that i held and I was super excited to receive this myself, i think the cat ears rings are mega cute! They're a lot of fun to style and wear with an outfit.
Finally i also received the Lily Stone ring which is actually free with any order at the moment over on The Accessory Stand, so it's the perfect excuse to make an order! This is a really simple, yet pretty ring which is silver plated and i don't wear much silver, but because the stone is fairly neutral i find that this ring is really easy to style with other pieces of my jewellery. This is a beautiful everyday ring, my only issue with it was that it is a tiny bit big!
In other news, how much is everyone loving this mini-heatwave we've had!? It's been so lovely to finally enjoy the summer! I've actually had a rather nightmare-ish week so far as my poor little car broke down in the centre of town at 11pm on a Saturday night! I work in a nightclub and i broke down right outside, so I had crowds of drunk people pointing and laughing at me and my car - not fun! I had to be pushed to safety into a nearby car park and didn't end up getting home until roughly 6am. But this weather has made the situation a LOT better, having no car means i've been forced to use my legs and walk places so i've really enjoyed the sunshine.
I've also been getting really into my tumblr lately, yesterday i gave it a little redesign so i'd love it if you popped over and took a look. It's definitely a lot more pink and girly than it was before!
Have you been enjoying the weather? What's your favourite piece from The Accessory Stand? Also if you use tumblr, leave me your links! 

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  1. I am loving those to have a cheeky browse.

  2. Oh I love the bow ring!


  3. aww the rings are so cute! I have tumblrrrr im: :)

  4. The bow ring is really cute! x


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