Friday, 21 September 2012

Birthday Girl

Last weekend i celebrated my 19th birthday, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Usually i really take celebrating to the extreme on birthday's, but this year it was a rather quiet affair, i spent the day working followed by an evening in with my family, Indian take-out and a glass of champagne. Classy, right? I received some lovely gifts and a really tasty birthday cake! So i thought i'd share some snaps from the day with you. 
 Birthday lunch at Las Iguanas & My amazing birthday cake!
Overloaded with gifts!
Malibu & Disaronno, my favourites..
Gifts from my brother - Purse, belt and scarf.
Pretty cards, scents and candles..
New geek stuff.. yay for a hard drive!
Pretty, sparkly things..
Some cute make-up bits, the bronzer is so pretty!
As you can see, i got some really lovely little gifts. Not to mention, i was lucky enough to spend the day on Sunday in London, visiting my best friend and exploring the joys of Oxford St. I really enjoyed trying everything on in Forever 21, oogling over how big Topshop is and spending hours on end in Victoria Secret.. It was literally like my version of heaven. I did also pick up a few treats for myself including some cute bow earrings, a new hat, sparkly bow pumps and a delicious VS scent. 
Have you visited London recently? Where's your favourite place to spend birthday money!?


  1. Mm all that foooood! Looks like you had a lovely birthday x

  2. Yay it looks like you had the best time! Your cake is absolutely amazing! xo

  3. Looks like you had an amazing time babe :D


  4. hope you had a lovley day


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