Friday, 28 September 2012

September She Said Beauty Box

It's that time again! This month's theme was skincare September in the She Said beauty box. I did have some unfortunate issues this month with my box not arriving and having to have a replacement, meaning i received it almost 2 weeks late! However the customer service team over at She Said were quite good about it over Facebook so the matter was resolved eventually! Anyway, no need to dwell on the negatives, on with the products!

The first product was a full sized product of the amie "spring clean" cooling clay mask. This is supposed to be a refreshing and deep cleansing mask that draws out the dirt and impurities in your skin. I can definitely agree that this product was refreshing with hints of mint and lime, it reminded me a little bit of a mojito! Also the product had a lovely texture and consistency, it really glided nicely onto my skin and it felt thick and moisturising. You know some face masks go really dry and you feel like you can't move your face when you're wearing them? This wasn't like that at all, it felt like i was just wearing a moisturiser. Also i enjoyed seeing the results of this, it left my skin soft, smooth and definitely refreshed, although i'm not sure about the cleansed part. This 15ml sachet retails for £1.50 and you get a generous amount in there!

Next up was the DHC deep cleansing oil which is a make up remover from Japan. You simply dispense a few drops into dry hands and massage it onto your face to dissolve the dirt and make-up. I then use a baby wipe to clean it all off. I've been really enjoying this product as an alternative make up remover and i think i would repurchase it. It's really good at getting every last bit of make up off and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy which is what you'd expect from an oil based cleanser. I've also noticed that a little bit goes a long way so at 30ml, it will probably last me for ages! This was also another full sized product in the box and it retails for £3.50. However if you wanted a bigger size  70ml prices at £9.50 and 200ml is £18.50.

This next product is a sample of the Ginvera green tea whitening marvel gel which is an exfoliator. The "whitening" part suggests that this product cancels out blackheads on the skin. Now i'm quite lucky and i don't suffer from blackheads so I didn't notice that quality in the product. However this product is also meant to leave your skin feeling smooth, fades pigmentation, prevents pimples, evens out skin tone and stimulate the skins metabolism so an all round wonder product. Being an exfoliator i expected the product to be fairly harsh in order to remove dead skin, however because it's a gel, this product was really gentle and easy to use. It really does leave your skin soft, smooth and clear. It's a shame we only received a small sample of this but the full size 60ml retails for £22.

When i saw Collection 2000 products in my box i was really excited. Being an avid fan of the famous lasting perfection concealer, i see the brand as good quality products at a really affordable price so i couldn't wait to try the "fix me up" long lasting make up fixer. However i don't really see much of a difference in my make up when i use this product. First off, it seems to come out in drops on my face rather than a mist which is strange. I do like the radiance it brings to my face, however i haven't notice that it makes my make up last any longer than usual which is disappointing! I'm not sure i really like the scent of it either. Personally, i wouldn't repurchase it, I think you can find better out there. This is another full sized product in the box though and 18ml retails for £5.99.

The other collection 2000 product was the Primed and ready smoothing make up primer. This reminds me a lot of the 17 cosmetics photo flawless primer in texture and application. It's meant to act as a base to your make up and minimise pores. This makes make up application easier and keeps make up in place throughout the day for a "flawless complexion." Again, this is ok i suppose. Nothing to shout about and i think you can find better out there. Sorry collection 2000 but i'm just not WOW-ed. Hats off to She Said Beauty though because this is another full sized product at 18ml and this retails for £5.99 again.

The bonus product this month was a small packet of "popchips" in sea salt and vinegar flavour. I'm not sure how i feel about receiving crisps in a beauty box but as a bonus product you can't complain! These were pretty tasty, a yummy snack on my lunch break and they only have 46 calories so they're not even a guilty treat. I don't know where you can get these from but at £1.89 a bag they're not particularly cheap!

So that's it for this month, i quite liked that there was a theme and it would be nice to see that again in future boxes. My favourite product this month was definitely the DHC cleansing oil and i'm tempted to repurchase it when it runs out.
I'm off to Bristol Fashion week today at the Mall Cribbs Causeway so be sure to check out #BFW12 on twitter for updates and a blog post will follow next week. I also have an exciting giveaway coming up on Monday(ish) too!
What did you think of this month's box? What was your favourite product?


  1. Love that they included popchips!

  2. Hey lovely, so nice to meet you at fashion week-sorry we didn't get to chat more!
    Great post, I've never heard of this beauty box before (bad blogger that I am haha) but it looks like a really good one!

    XO Amie

  3. Ooh this looks like a really nice box! I love the cleansing oil so much, I got it in a GlossyBox and think it's so good! xo


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