Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Introducing: 3BrokeGirls

Just a quickie today, this week is manic for me, I literally have a jam-packed schedule from appointments, exams, prom and birthdays so blogging will have to take a back seat. I'll be back on Saturday. For now it would mean the world to me if you checked out my first ever venture into Youtube land with my 2 besties, Grace and Alley.
I've been wanting to start up a Youtube account for a little while now, but have been too nervous and also i don't have a good enough camera! I also thought my video's might be too boring? I don't know. So when we came up with the idea to create a collaborative channel, 3BrokeGirls. I was so excited because it would appeal to people with a wide range of interests. You've got Alley with her musical showbiz and GAY WEDNESDAYS! and Grace who's got an extensive interest in video games, books and films etc and of course myself who will be coming at you with more fashion and beauty related videos. 

I'm really excited to start this up because not only is it a lot of fun for us and you guys, but also because the three of us are going our separate ways this year with university and all, so this is going to be such a great way to stay in touch and interact with each other! So far we only have the one video up, our little intro if you will.. But new video's will be coming out really soon. Please hop on over, take a look, like, subscribe, comment! And just have fun really. 
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  1. Oh that was so funny, and lovely. Makes me wish I was 18 again! You all look really fun, looking forward to your YT xx

  2. I watched the video. You all seem really sweet, I'll definitely stop by your channel (:

  3. aw yaay, you all seem so funny! xo



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