Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Prom Attire // OOTN

Hi everyone, like i said in my previous posts, i've been really busy lately and last Friday was my Yr 13 prom, so I thought i'd share with you my outfit and some pictures of the night. 
Dress: Topshop (January Sales) £20 
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins (sale) £2
Belt: Internacionale £3.99
Clutch: New Look (around £10)
Bracelet: New Look (around £5)
Shoes: Internacionale £17.99 
It was a lovely evening at Grittleton house where we had a formal sit down meal, drinks, fireworks and music. I actually really enjoyed myself despite not enjoying the previous prom. I actually really loved my dress too, It looked really plain and boring when i bought it, but my mum kindly customised the hem making it dipped which is obviously very on trend at the moment! I'm actually quite pleased that I managed to put together this outfit for such a good price. In total I spent about £60 on everything which I think is a total bargain. I opted for pretty gold accessories and Grace kindly helped me with my hair. For the hair we curled it using a curling wand, then plaited the sides and pulled them around to the back. My make up was also gold (matching my accessories) I just used the Urban Decay "half baked" and the false eyelashes from my She Said beauty box. 
I think i really enjoyed spending the evening with my friends to be honest. A lot of people feel pressure to have a date for the prom, but having the freedom to talk to my friends and dance with whoever I wanted made me feel a lot more laid back and relaxed. Obviously having a couple of drinks made the evening a lot more interesting too!
Have you been to prom recently? I'd love to see your pictures! What do you think of my evening look?


  1. Love your outfit! You looked absolutely gorgeous! My prom is tomorrow (finally managed to get a bloomin' dress!) hopefully it'll be a good night :) xx

  2. You look lovely such a pretty dress :)

  3. my year 11 prom is on Friday! Your dress is amazing, and I love the necklace too! I'm glad you had a lovely time!


  4. My prom feels like a lifetime ago *old*

    You looked stunning x

  5. You looked gorgeous! x

  6. Love your dress, your Mum did a fab job altering it. Looks like you had a great time :)

  7. I haven't been to prom for two years, I loved my senior prom in high school. It was awesome, but we didn't have fireworks! I'm so jealous of that! Your dress is beautiful, you look so pretty for your prom!

  8. I love your dress, its gorgeous :)

  9. Babe you look gorgeous. I love your dress so much. :D xxx

  10. you look so lovely, such sweet photos LV x

  11. Lovely pics! I love your dress x

  12. Aww you look gorgeous! I lovee your dress! :)
    Now following you have a lovely blog

    Http:// xxxx


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