Wednesday, 6 June 2012

This is not where the story ends, Just the start of our new life..

Last Friday I finally left Sixth Form, meaning I've finished school FOR GOOD! I've just got 2 exams later this month which i should be revising for, rather than blogging (whoops!) Anyway, the tradition in our school is that on the second to last day, we all wear our old school uniform, and on the very last day, it's fancy dress. Can you guess who we are? 10 points to the cleverclogs who can tell me the character Grace dressed as (all in pink!).
A big thank you to all of you guys who helped me decide what to dress up as! And for all of your make up tips and ideas as well! Although i thoroughly hated sixth form, I have to say I am going to miss seeing some special faces everyday. And, if you've just finished school and you're reading this, i wish you every success for the future.
On another note, do you mind these lifestyle posts? I enjoy making them and think they add a bit of personality to my blog, let me know your thoughts!
What was your favourite costume?


  1. Lol was she Nicki Minaj? Haha - and yeah I don't mid these lifestyle posts x

    1. I love you for saying that! But no! She's not Nicki Minaj! And awesome thanks :) x

  2. aw wow, loved all the costume kind of things :) xx

  3. Ah looks like you had a fab last day which you will treasure for a long long time. Its amazing how quickly time flies once you have left school. I am 27 and it feels like just yesterday before long you will all be getting married having babies etc etc.


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  4. I can barely remember my last day of sixth form *old*

  5. I'm going to sound so silly and weird if she isn't, but is your friend the girl out of lazy town? :P xxx

  6. Awww you are so adorable! Our last day was so great, I dressed up as Edward Scissorhands ha ha !

  7. My guess for your friend's costume is Princess Peach from Mario!

  8. Not quite, but you're getting closer!

  9. It's so frustrating, I've seen that outfit before but cannot for the life of me remember who it is haha! Glad you had a good last day, leaving school is the weirdest feeling isn't it? And I for one like posts like this, it's interesting to have a nose into other peoples lives haha! xxx

  10. My god I can remember my last day (two years +) so clearly life flies by so fast! Good luck with your exams and enjoy your freedom lady!


  11. I was trying to spot my brother as he went as the leader singer/dancer from LMFAO! Awh, KLB always do amazing last days.


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