Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Last week I was contacted by the lovely Abby from abbzzw only to be told that I had won her BearPaw giveaway! The next day, the generous people from the nature shop dropped me an email asking which of the sheepskin boots i'd like to get my hands on. The nature shop are an online environmentally friendly retailer who sell premium nature inspired brands such as BearPaw. I decided to chose the Silverton Smoke boots, but it was a hard chose between those and the Samba Hickory's which look like so much fun!

I was very impressed with them actually! They are fabulous quality - VERY soft of the inside which is absolutely perfect for winter. And it's nice to know that even the packaging isn't harming the environment and they've really thought about it. The box actually says on the bottom..
"At Bearpaw we recognize the importance of being responsible. 
Responsibility is a journey, not a destination. We will continue to
strive for sustainability and ways to further reduce out impact on
the environment."
I apologise in advance because these photo's are SUPER blurry :(

Anyway, MASSIVE thank you to Abby and The Nature Shop - I absolutely love my new boots.
What do you guys think?

On another note, who is thinking of attending the Blogger's Christmas Party in Bristol? I've bought my ticket - it would be silly for me to ignore a blogger's event in my own town! I'm very excited about it just a bit nervous because i don't know anyone going! (you can buy tickets here). 

Much love, xoxo


  1. wow those are good boots! congrats on winning!

  2. You have an incredible blog! I'll be following in the future xo

  3. These boots look so snug, perfect for an English Winter! Talking of which, how cold was today?! Brrr...
    JS xx



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