Thursday, 24 November 2011

November Glossybox

One thing i adore about Glossybox is the excitement of waiting for the middle of each month, not knowing what goodies you've got heading your way. This week i'v been really poorly but Monday's postman came and handed me my beauty box, and through coughs and sniffles a smile spread across my face.
The first thing i noticed this month was it's weight - Did anyone else think it was a lot heavier? A small part of me was hoping we'd have another six pack box! 
Now, i have mixed feelings about this box but here's what i received this month:
The point of this months GlossyBox was to give us sort of a Christmas gift guide which I think is quite sweet and i'm looking forward to part 2 :)
The Dead Sea spa bath salts were the source of weight in the box! I was pleasantly surprised to receive these to be honest with you. I won't be using them myself so i can't really review them for you. Instead i'm going to give them as a gift this Christmas because i know a certain someone who looooves Dead Sea products.
I can't wait to try these Nail Rock wraps - I've seen them everywhere and have been debating on whether to try them out - Just gotta let my nails grow first! I  like the design i got too, i quite like the look of the "furry cheetah" and "giraffe black on gold," but the dots are very me :) Has anyone else tried these?
Next, i received these perfume samples from Serge Lutens which i really don't like! They aren't my cup of tea at all - They remind me of those little lavender sweet you used to be able to get, parma violets are they called? Anyway not a fan of parma violets and not a fan of this perfume i'm afraid!
I also got these two bad boys. The first is a full sized product of recovery balm by Monu. I've never heard on Monu before but it feels quite expensive! The balm works quite nicely on my dry, eczema-y skin, I haven't really tried it enough to see results but it definitely feels ok. The hand cream by Arbonne also seems ok but again, only really briefly tried this one. I'm not sure how good the make is either - may need to read into that. But these two products i wasn't too fussed about really. I guess when you subscribe to a beauty box you're always going to get hit's and misses but I just didn't enjoy this box and i have the others. It seems really skin related and i don't use a huge amount of skin care products. But hey-ho rant over.

What did you guys think about this month's box?
Much love xxx


  1. I love the dotty wraps! Just wish I didn't have silly small nails so I could wear them'xx

  2. Also loving those dotty wraps! I've been hesitant signing up for any of these boxes because I have very pale skin and means I can't wear a lot of makeup without looking like a clown, but as you say it's always going to be a bit hit and miss so maybe I should just take the plunge!!! xxx

  3. I got a slightly different box from you. The star product for me is the Monu primer, I wanna try all of them now!! Xx

  4. I think the Glossybox looks quite good this month. I always like to try new products I might never normally consider. I like the nail wraps too, I've never tried them before so hopefully there's some dotty ones in my box!!! (MY box is sitting in the Post Office waiting to be collected oops....)

  5. We just got glossybox in Australia and got our first box on the weekend. So fun! I love nail wraps, current obsession.

  6. I have mixed feelings about this box too. I dont want anymore perfume or handcream but i guess they will always come in handy! x


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