Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Collective Haul

This is a collection of bits and pieces i've picked up recently for myself. I've been on a bit of a spending frenzy lately, but a lot of it has been Christmas presents which i don't want to post on here in case anyone see's any spoilers! 
 The first thing i want to talk about are these gorgeous pieces of jewellery my mum gave to me a couple of days ago. The first is a locket she's had since me and my brother were small and she passed it onto me just because she doesn't wear it anymore to be honest! But I think it's lovely and it's got pictures inside of us when we were small. She also passed down one of her rings (may have been a wedding ring? I can't remember!) and they are both 9ct gold. The ring has two small diamonds in the middle. So they're some precious little gems added to my jewellery box!
The next thing I got my hands on was a replacement foundation. I just went for the same one I usually go for because it was cheap and easy to be honest! I know i like it and i didn't fancy fussing around after work. I use Max Factor Miracle touch liquid illusion foundation in creamy ivory (Yes i'm VERY pale!). I think it's £12.99 from superdrug, but I actually had some vouchers so i got it for around £9-10. I really like this foundation because it gives that sort of natural dewy finish without looking greasy and it lasts a long time too! (A little bit goes a long way).
My next recent purchase was from my local charity shop, Tenovus. I feel like i talk about this shop far too much on here but i find some real beauties there! This gorgeous little bag was £6, which is a bit steep for a charity shop but it is almost brand new. Plus it's absolutely adorable and i feel like it goes with almost anything (I love the snakeskin effect!) It is slightly on the small side though, like i can't fit my purse in there.. but hey, what are pockets for?!
Another goody I received from mum a couple of weeks ago were these burgundy winter boots. I'm not sure where they're actually from, but the colour fits so well with this season and i love the fur lined rim. Let me just clarify she also passed these down to me because she can't wear them anymore - she doesn't spoil me with new things all the time! Anyway, I just think they were nice to show you guys.
I've need a new bigger bag for ages now (due to the heaviness of school books, my last two have sadly seen better days!) so i decided to take the plunge and invest in this bad boy. I found it through vipxo's tumblr ebay links and fell in love with the bag and the price! It did take a little while to arrive but it's so worth it. I think all the little detailings are adorable, like the studded bottom and the double straps. And the size is perfect too. 
In the charity shop, i also picked up this leather jacket originally from H&M (£5). I haven't actually paid for it yet because i wasn't sure if i definitely wanted it or not, so the manager kindly said to take it home and try it on with other things before i decide if i want it or not - bless her! But i am going to pay for it next time i go in to work. It has got a bit of wear and tear on the sleeves but i think it gives the jacket a bit of character and i've wanted a leather jacket for a while now too.
Okay guys, this is where i need your help! I've also got this top from the charity shop which i'm not sure about so again, i haven't paid for it yet (Hence why the tag's still on). It's originally from Bershka and its going for £4 but i'm not sure if i like the style and what to wear it with. I was really attracted to the stud detailing on the shoulder which is why i picked it out, but I don't think I like the top overall and I can't decide whether to keep it or not! The sleeves and hem are elasticated so it could be worn as a short dress or baggy top - What do i do?

So that's my latest haul, probably the last until after Christmas due to a lack of money.
Hope everyone's well, Much love, xxx


  1. Love vintage jewellery. Also the burgundy boots!!x

  2. Love lockets with photos in them because they're as personal as jewellery can get xxx

  3. i love both of those bags, i was considering the studded bottom one myself! and the tops quite cute....for £4 you can't really go wrong x

  4. Lovely jewellery :) I wish my mother had something like that to give to me! Nice bag too :) xo

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, you've gotta love vintage jewellery! I feel all the more special wearing something with a bit of sentimental value :) And i would recommend the bag to anyone - It's really sturdy and a perfect size for such a good price xoxo

  6. Love the purse you got!!
    Looks vintage!! :D

    Had to follow, loving the two blog post I just saw!


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