Wednesday, 9 November 2011

nomnomnom graze.

I wish i could remember who's lovely blog i was reading when i stumbled across graze, but unfortunately i can't! If you don't know about graze, you can try a free box here using my code: W25HHV7
They basically do yummy healthy snacks of goodness! With my code you can 
try a box completely free of charge, and then you have no obligation to make a second purchase if you weren't satisfied. It's worth a try if it's free though, right? 
Anywho, here's what i got in my box this month.
I was quite surprised with how compact the packaging is, it makes the portions look tiny but i suppose they're all about being environmentally friendly and use as little packaging as necessary. It's also worth noting they use recyclable materials which is always a plus. The snacks i received were Toffee Apple, Beach Bum, Honeycomb Flapjack and Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl. They were all really yummy, my only complaint was the toffee apple because that portion really was tiny! I did feel really good eating the snacks though knowing that they were really healthy. They're also perfectly sized to fit into my bag to take to school or work for my breaks! I'm definitely going for another box because there's so much i want to try on their website! It all looks so scrummy! Let me know if you subscribe to graze and what you think. If you want a free box don't forget to use my code!
Speaking of yummy food, i never did show you all the cake mum made me for my 18th! Apologies because this was zooonnksss ago and is completely random to put on my blog at the moment but I've just stumbled across it while i was looking through old photos.
Really good right?!

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