Saturday, 5 November 2011

Barcelona - Part Two

Hi everyone! I know I haven't been regularly posting recently, boooo i'm a bad blogger! I'm afraid i've just started another new job and am finding it hard to keep on top of 4 jobs and A-levels! When i do get free time, i just want to sit down, relax and read all your amazing blogs rather than taking photo's for mine etc. 
Anyway i thought i'd just add another quick post about Barcelona even though it feels like i've been home for ages now! 

So whilst in the city of pickpockets, i also visited the Segrada Familia which you will probably know, is Gaudi's stunning, however unfortunately unfinished, cathedral. This is where i want to get married!

I know i'm making a huge blogging mistake featuring the same dress i wore here (shock horror!) But this time i teamed it with a new winter warmer from new look, my new bag from the charity shop (here) and some old primark pumps (they don't look that dirty in real life! I also wore my LHC owl necklace and a ring from JWLRY. Anyway what do you think about the building? Pretty something huh? If you ever get the chance to go inside, you will understand why i want to get married there. 
We also had the strangest experience outside because as me and a couple of friends sat down to sketch the building, a group of 30 or so Japanese tourists came and asked to have their photo's taken with us. And i don't mean the group as a whole, i mean each individual tourist in the group! We were sat there for about 10 minutes smiling at countless camera's.. feeling like a pro.
(One of many..)

We also visited Gaudi's Park Guell where we caught some beautiful landscape photographs and watched a cute French band perform a few songs. It's astonishing to see the amount of illegal sellers with their "sale umbrellas!" One mention of the "policia" and they all flee in the blink of an eye! 
We also visited the Joan Miro foundation, The Tapies museum, Barcelonetta beach and many other cultural landmarks but unfortunately i was either unable to take photo's or the photo's i did take weren't brilliant. All in all it was a fantastic trip and i would recommend Barcelona to anyone who is stunned by beautiful urban cities. Yes, is a shame that the place is filled with pickpockets, but if your careful, it's not something to let get in the way of having a fabulous time in this stunning city.. (God i sound like a travel agent!) Has anyone else been away lately?

On a complete other note, who's on fantasy shopper? I am totally completely addicted! It's like every girls dream game so if you're not on it.. get on it here.

Hope everyone's well, what are you doing for bonfire night tonight? Keep safe, much love xxx


  1. that building is incredible! x

  2. Hahaha did they think you were part of a girl band or something? That lady lookes so happy to be standing next to you!


  3. Haha how random is that! Gorgeous pics, I love Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia is amazing isn't it x

  4. It really is! Thanks for your comments girlies :) x


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