Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Bond Street NOTD

After a really crummy Friday night, I came home from work on Saturday afternoon to a lovely parcel for winning Vipxo's Valentines giveaway, so I thought i'd show you guys what i received! 
This beautiful deep ruby red nail varnish is called "Bond Street" by Nails Inc and i love how the cap of the varnish is covered in little diamonds because it makes it feel really special! I don't think i would be able to justify buying this for myself normally as they retail at roughly £15, but it would definitely make an ideal gift. It also seems to be really durable, so far lasting me 3 days without chipping so that must be good! 
Also, my mum applied my gel nails! She's a trained newly nail technician and i think they're really good! What do you guys think? She'd love your feedback.
 Sorry if this makes you all hungry, but i also received a MASSIVE box of chocolates. They are so so soooo yummy and i wish i could share them with all of you! So a big thankyou to Victoria and very.co.uk for my lovely gifts.

Also, slightly off topic but i recently reached the 100 subscriber mark so i want to say a really big thankyou to all of you for that. It means so much to me that you follow sleep.wake.hope and for that reason, i will be hosting a small giveaway some time in the near future! So keep your eyes peeled for that.

I'm off for a pub meal with work tonight so i'm keeping this post short and sweet, but again thank you! And let me know what you think about the nail polish.


  1. Those chocolates definitely just made my tummy rumble!
    well done for the 100 followers! im hoping to do a giveaway too when i reach that!

  2. aaaah, those chocolates just reminded me that i bought a box of thortons chocs for my friend's birthday but i ended up buying her something else. I have them in my room and i'm going to open them tonight and eat them all! Hope you're having a lovely weekend, Katie! Speak to you soon xxxx

  3. aww what a nice give away! I so badly want to win won haha I love the lid of the polish and the colour, I'm also a new follower as I'm loving your blog :) xxx


  4. Lovely colour! I'm very jealous! :)

  5. So much chocolate :) Nice nail colour. x


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