Wednesday, 22 February 2012

UCAS/University Update.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, however my Textiles final piece has literally sucked up my entire life for the past couple of weeks, making it really hard to find time to post, and also to find things to post about! I did finish it today though and i'm soooo happy it's over with, plus i think it looks pretty good - let me know if you're interested in seeing it and i'll put up a few pictures. 

I thought i'd do a bit about my UCAS/Uni application process so far today. Back in December, i applied through UCAS to do fashion buying and merchandising/marketing at London College of Fashion, Westminster University, De Monfort University and London Metropolitan University. The first to reply was De Monfort and I had my interview with them yesterday so now i'm waiting to hear back from them. I really love the uni itself because the facilities and campus look great and it has a friendly atmosphere, however im unsure that the course is suitable for me as it seems very design based. I then heard back from London Met with a conditional offer for 240 UCAS points. I think this is going to be just a safe last resort option as living in London would be way expensive! Westminster offered me an interview last month which went well and i now have a conditional from them which is BBC. I loved thier course but i'm not sure if the uni is really right for me. Finally, i'm still anticipating to hear back from LCF, they phoned today but i missed the call, AHHH! 

If you follow me on twitter (@kfh34163) you'll know recently i've been panicking as to what i should wear to my university interviews. Now i know most people if their applying for medicine or law etc wear a smart clean suit, pretty boring right? But because i'm applying for Fashion Buying, i feel like it's really important to not only look smart, but fashionable.. hence my dilemma!
At Westminster, i found the applicants with me wore very smart clothing which at the same time was fashionable and on trend. A couple of girls wore jeans, but the majority wore a smart black skirt or trousers. Whereas at De Monfort yesterday, i again dressed fairly smartly and found the majority were in casual wear so i'm still feeling fairly confused! But below i've put together the sorts of outfits that i think are suitable for a Uni interview. 

Blouse: New Look
Blazer: New Look
Bag: Ebay
Shoes: Ebay
Trousers: Next

This is exactly what i wore, except i wore my JWLRY rings instead and the blouse had sleeves and a pleated collar. I really love the blazer because it added a lovely block of colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit. I also added a big gold button on the blazer to add personality.
Anyway, i hope this helps. It's sort of my "What to wear to a uni interview guide!"

Hope you're all well, xxx


  1. This makes me feel so old reading this, although I never had to do any interviews when I applied to uni! Well done on getting into London Met and Westminster, got my fingers crossed for LCF for you! London is more expensive for living but I think they give you a larger student loan than if you study outside of London, which would be helpful! I like what you wore, a good mix of smart and stylish. More fun than a boring all black suit! XO

    1. Aww bless you, thanks! And cheers for the tip, i'm soo unsure where to choose! xx

  2. I have the bag! I love red blazers! It definitely makes a statement! Need on in my life asap! Hope you get a phone call back from LCF! x

    - Ally @ Styled With Leather

    1. Aww thanks sweet, thats kind of you xox

  3. Good luck with your applications. Hope you hear back soon! I'm very jealous of you starting your 'university journey', mine is soon coming to an end :(!

  4. The shoes are gorgeous I need them in my life! The wooden heels win me over!

  5. I think all of those picks are great, I agree with you I think you should look smart but fashionable even though others were wearing casual clothes I always live buy "always dress nicer than you think you should" by Lauren Conrad. London is more expensive but just think of all the opportunities that are there, perhaps if you wanted to find an internship for a few hours you're not at uni or something there is so much more opportunities in London! GOOD LUCK! I'm sure you'll have the time of you're life xx

  6. Those shoes are AHmazing!! :O

  7. yeyyy love this outfit :) good luck for LCF!! one of my friends heard from them the other day i think to do the same course so my fingers are crossed for you :).

    i'd loveeee to see your textiles work pictures pleaseee!!!! im just working on mine at the moment too :p xx


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