Sunday, 26 February 2012

February Glossybox

Okay, so I wasn't impressed at all this month with Glossybox, so before you continue reading, this may be a bit rant-y but it's my personal opinion. I do appreciate that Glossybox can't always cater for everyone's personal preferences, but after i use my 1000 Glossy dots next month, i will be unsubscribing... that it unless they totally wow me next month.

So the first item i received this month was the Paul Mitchell Round Trip which is meant to "define curls." However, the packaging must've got damaged in the delivery process because i received a sticky mess. Plus i would've really liked to have some sort of instructions how to use this product.. do i use it before i wash my hair? When it's damp? I've tried both and haven't had amazing results either way. 
This sample was 25ml. A full size product is 200ml at priced at £12.95
Next, i received the "Como Shambhala" body lotion. This did have a nice consistency and texture, but in my opinion, it didn't smell particularly great. I think the peppermint makes it small really odd mixed with lavender.. not something i want to rub all over my skin anyway. And it doesn't feel like a luxury sample, more like your bog standard body lotion if i'm honest.
This sample was 50ml. A full sized product is 300ml and is priced at £20.00.
The DuWop Venom gloss was one of my favourites in this box and i just wish it was a bigger sample! The gloss acts as a lip pumping agent providing a tingly sensation which doesn't hurt or anything, but i don't think it's particularly effective. I love the colour though (i received "buttercup") and it really is glossy with a lovely consistency. 
The sample was 5ml. A full sized product is 10.4ml and priced at £16.
Next i'm going to talk about my least favourite product in the box so i can at least end on a high with my most favourite! So my least favourite was the Dr Bronner magic liquid soap, which by the way, smells disgusting! i haven't even used this product because the smell puts me off so much although i do appreciate that it's made of lovely natural ingredients. If you are interested in trying this product, it is really cheap which i guess is a good thing.
This sample was full sized and is priced at £1.99
Finally, to leave it on a high, i did really love the BM Beauty pure mineral eye shadow. I received a gorgeous silvery colour named "Platinum Tiara" which i've used a fair bit to create a sparkly smokey eye. I think it works really nicely in the corners of my eyes, making me look more "wide-eyed." I've never tried BM beauty before, but i would be interested in trying out more of thier products, especially as they are suitable for vegetarians and vegans which is always a plus. They're also fairly affordable.
This sample was 1g. A full sized product is 2g and priced at £7.00

So there's my review. I'm not going to apologise for it being a bit of a rant because it's my honest opinion and like i said, i will definitely unsubscribe after i've redeemed my free box because i don't feel it's worth it anymore. I am on the lookout to try a new beauty box though so if you have any recommendations please let me know! I've got my eye on Boudoir Prive and Feel Unique at the moment, so if any of you have reviews on those boxes, leave your links in the comments box below.  
Hope you're all well xxx


  1. I've cancelled my Glossybox subscription and I don't really regret it after seeing this box. I know there's not always amazing things for everyone in each box but I am surprised they put liquid soap in there! The eyeshadow looks nice though!

    Also I think I read somewhere that the Feel Unique Box has stopped now? Xx

    1. Oooh interesting, thanks for letting me know that! I'll have to look into it a bit more :) xx

  2. Heyy Just Follwed your Blog (I love the layout) and I agree with your opinions on glossybox, so many people have been let down this month and I can see why! I really hope they wow me next month otherwise Ill consider unsubscribing too! xxx

    P.S Come and Visit my Blog!

    1. Thank you! And i totally agree with you xx

  3. I don't think I'd have been overly impressed with this box either and that's really what's put me off subscribing to beauty boxes in the past - some look amazing but the majority seem to just be 'ok' so I tend to stay away. I hope next months is better for you!


  4. At least yours it is better than the one I got!

    1. Uh oh! That doesn't sound promising at all! What did you get?!


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