Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pearl & Butler

Earlier this week, Zoe emailed me asking if she could present a guest post here on sleep.wake.hope. I'm more than happy to welcome guest posts if i feel the content is suitable for my readers, but please let me know your opinions on guest posts down below if you think it's a good or bad idea. Zoe is a freelance writer for Pearl & Butler which is a company i'd never heard of before, and above is some of the sweet bits of jewellery that they sell and i really like. I'm paticularly loving their selection of stacked rings!


Go bright and bold this spring

Bright colours have always been synonymous with spring and as the season of new life and rebirth hovers on the horizon, it is an apt time to start thinking of the fashions of the future. 

Accessories, such as belts and bags, scarves and hats, jewellery and watches, can transform an everyday outfit into a designer's delight. Accessorising is one way of revamping old clothes, creating new looks and jazzing up simple outfits. From silver jewellery to silk scarves, using accessories is only limited by your imagination.

The Colours of Spring

Spring is dominated by bright yellows, stunning reds, bold blues and luscious pinks, complemented by vibrant greens. This is the perfect time of year to go the whole hog with these colours to brighten up your entire wardrobe. Accessorising ensures the look is not over the top; instead, the look is eye- catching and interesting.

Start the design with a simple outfit in neutral or base colours. Black is classic and works well for an evening, but for the day or work time, go for a less intense option, such as navy or a muted shade. Plain cut, yet well-fitting clothes are the ideal base to set your bold accessories off.
Select your bag and choose your colour carefully, as it can say much about your personality. Happy people often go for yellow and orange denotes someone who is naturally friendly and outgoing, with a daring personality. Red is bold and fiery and full of love, whilst green is calm and sophisticated. Match your bag to your shoes, or a hair band for extra depth.

To break up your outfit, cinch your waist in with a bold and distinctive belt, to add curves and colour. Skinny belts are all the rage, or choose knotted scarves for a textured look. Match them to the scarf at your neck or in your hair for a layered look.
Don't Overdo It!

Be careful not to go over the top with your accessories; sometimes, less is more. To wake up a simple outfit, a few pieces of fashion jewellery may be all you need. Alternatively, a bag coupled with a scarf and matching hat can give a striking yet classic look. Whatever your preferences, bold and bright accessories match the season of spring by bringing old items back to life.



  1. Can't wait for spring :) I'm loving Forever21 at the moment with all the luscious colours in xo

  2. I think it's fun to have guest posts sometimes :) I'm dying for spring just so there's warmer weather and I can ditch my massive coat for a lighter jacker!

  3. I love guest posts now and then :) I want spring ASAP too! Adore the rings featured here! Lovely post :)



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