Sunday, 9 October 2011

Cosmic Rays

Hey guys! Sorry i haven't posted all week, I've been so busy with sixth form and work. I also started volunteering in the charity shop on Wednesday which was good fun! And they had some real treasures too, i pulled out a gorgeous Burberry skirt and a Ralph Lauren shirt. They even had some Forever 21 stuff in there! Never underestimate your local charity shop.
Anyway I've recently been really into this whole galaxy/cosmic print trend at the moment and wanted to share some of my favourite pieces with you guys.

First are these galaxy black leggings from Black Milk. Now it's coming up to winter, i need a night out alternative to dresses and skirts to keep my legs warm and these are really eye catching! I love the print and the colours. Black milk do a whole range of different unique leggings which are all really pretty. I also really like their swimsuits - this one reminds me of Dr who!

My next galaxy loving are these Galaxy Print Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boots. Unfortunately i don't really know where to buy them in the UK and they are sooo expensive. Maybe i could ask father Christmas for these this year :) They are gorgeous though, Jeffrey Campbell shoes are always genius.

Even Lush are following this new trend with their Space Girl bath bomb. I love the swirling constellation effect that the glitter produces on this one. You can buy these from lush at £1.90 per 125g.

Finally, there are so many DIY galaxy print tutorials on the internet at the moment and they are so clever! Youtube has tutorials such as this one to create the effect on your nails - I will definitely be trying this out at some point. And if you pop over to Lillie's blog Threads and Ends, she has done an AMAZING galaxy print bag tutorial too, i wish i was as creative as to think of this. She has a lot of inspiring DIY bits on her blog :)

So that's it for now, sorry i haven't posted in a week! I'm going to try to post more regularly this week as i have a lot lined up!
What do you guys think about the galaxy print craze? Much love xxx


  1. Ah Katie! Thanks so much for mentioning me here! So nice to hear when someone likes my blog so I really appreciate what you've said! Great post here, I'm a massive fan of galaxy print too!
    Great blog, I'm your newest follower! x

  2. You're very welcome and thank you! I love your blog :)


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