Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Knit and Stitch

So last week i nipped to London with a few friends to Alexandra Palace for the Knit and Stitch show. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in fashion or textiles, it was really inspiring! And a lovely day out. The reason I made an effort to go was mainly for my textiles course to meet the artists that i'm studying and pick up some techniques/ideas. It's also on again in Harrogate and Dublin if you're around do go, you can find the dates here.

(Rose and I in the Boudoir Toilets! My bag is a wicker bunny print bag given to me as a gift.)

(Me with Jan Beaney and Jean Littlejohn - My two textile artists that i have chosen to study for my A2 textile course.)

(Me on the catwalk.)

If you ever get the opportunity - go! It was £6 on the door and if you want to buy some bits and bobs at the show it's pretty cheap. This is what i wore:
Black and White polka dot dress - I got this for 99p off of ebay! It's originally from New Look. I have to say, i think it's my favourite ever ebay purchase. It fits so nicely and is very flattering which is always a worry when buying from ebay especially as im so petite, but this was definitely a winner. I'll probably do a more detailed post on this one soon.
Denim Jacket - £6 from ebay - another good purchase! Not sure where it's originally from though.
Belt - £2 from Primark. Shoes - £4 from Primark
Necklace/Locket - Inherited
Bunny Bag - A birthday gift ages ago. This is one of my favourite bags but i have no idea where it was from. I love the colours and the print though, it's so original.

Hope everyone's good! Much Love, xxxxx


  1. This looks like an interesting event, we used to go to a lot when I was at college/uni - i need to get myself to more of these exhibitions! I'm so out of the loop. Thank your lovely message on my blog, so nice of you xxx

  2. Yeah it was such a nice day out, a lot of rude old ladies unfortunately but the artists there are so friendly and inspiring, always happy to chat to students. They kept saying to me that we are the next generation of artists and we are all so important.
    And no problem! You deserved to win, you're blog is always a fab read :)

  3. This looks like a fun day out and cool that you got to meet the artists your studying! Love your dress, what a bargain for 99p!! x

  4. Yeah it was! And thank you :) x

  5. This looks like a lot of fun! So many pretty pictures. I really like your dress- can't believe you got it for 99p! I really need to start using ebay more, so many brilliant bargains available xxx

  6. Wow, my knitwear radar is on fire! those jumpers are amazing! you are too cute by the way, I love your style!



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