Wednesday, 19 October 2011

October's Glossybox!

I came home from a miserable day on Monday to find my October Glossybox sitting neatly on my bed which instantly put a smile on my face! In fact i think i screamed a little bit, i wasn't expecting it to arrive so soon. I literally ripped open the box and thought, no! I haven't taken photo's! So carefully unwrapped the rest to preserve it's beautiful packaging. What do you guys do with your boxes/ribbons etc? I've used mine for nail varnish storage, which looks neat and pretty!
Ok, so the first thing that caught my attention was this months theme, "Six pack," and reading on, i was sooo excited to see that this months box included an extra 6th product to celebrate GlossyBox's 6 month anniversary! Happy Anniversary GlossyBox!
One of the first things i noticed was the super sized briefing this month, i love how they've added QR's  to scan which takes you right to where you can buy each product. There's also the info down the right hand side which tells you how much is in a full sized product which i think is really useful! The one disappointing thing though was the fact that there's only one discount code! 
Anyway, let's get down to it. Here's what i got in my box this month!
First impressions - Sweeeet, a new make up bag, perfect as i'm heading out to Barcelona on Friday! And really cute coloured nail varnish, love the packaging and detailing. It's the little details that make the Glossybox so worthwhile and special.
In the make-up bag amongst the tissue paper, the small tube of lip complex fell out! Which was this months extra product. I've used it a couple of times now and it's lovely and hydrating and so soft. The multivitamin thermofoliant and the power recovery masque seem great but i haven't had the chance to use them properly yet. The thermofoliant is almost like a sugar scrub, or rather what i've used so far seems like it. It's feels like a really gentle exfoliant, so probably good for sensitive skin.
I also received the Leighton Denny nail varnish in "Babydoll." I know other's got Hanky Panky or Sex Kitten, but i'm really pleased with this colour! I know it's very pastel-y (is that a word?), so it's probably best as a spring colour, but i couldn't care less! I love how pigmented the varnish is and like i said before, the packaging makes it really appealing too - Simple yet stylish. This was one of my favourites in the box alongside the Stila eyeliner in "Moray..."
The colour is kind of khaki with shimmers of golden tones and it smudges really well too. It's supposed to be a waterproof smudgestick and it pretty much ticks all the boxes! I wore it today and usually when i finally get home my eyeliner has faded or even totally disappeared, but this lasted all day without losing any colour. I think i might even try smudging it more and making an eye shadow effect. We'll see how that goes and i'll keep you updated!
The final addition was three perfume samples by Robert Piguet. I was very impressed with the presentation! They came in a really cute little pink bag, if i didn't love the nail varnish so much i would have placed it in the little pink bag and used it for a gift! I'm not sure about the perfume though.. They're pleasant, but just not really what i'd usually go for. My mum loves them all but i think they smell too clean? I know that sounds weird, i just don't know how else to describe it! They're okay anyway, not the best.

Overall, I was very impressed with my October Box and i know a lot of my friends and family are extremely interested in the box after seeing mine! I will definitely be using the new "Refer a friend" scheme when it's up and running. 

Did you like this month's box?
Much love, xxxxx


  1. I wish i got the baby pink nail polish, i got blue but I already have a similar colour. :( I can't wait to use the face products, i need to sort my skin out so bad! x

  2. So many great products! x

  3. I know, me too, i can't wait to use the dermalogica masque properly! I'm taking the lip complex with me on holiday so my lips dont dry out too :)


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