Sunday, 2 October 2011

Weekend Wishes

Well it's finally pay day again! And this is what I have my eye on this weekend..

1. This leather bralet tail dress from yayer <3 I've had lots of Ooohs and Ahhs about the bralet i had from yayer (you can see this here) because their products are just so unique and beautiful. I've had my eye on this dress for a while now and it's not really too expensive either - especially as their packages come in pretty gold foil! My only worry is, is it too short at the front? 

2. These cute boots may go well with the dress actually? Now that winters on it's way i'm looking for a pair like these to wear to parties, sadly my pretty new wedges will have to wait until next summer. Saying that though i could be wrong due to this AMAZING Indian summer we seem to be having in the UK at the moment! Loving it! Anyway, i really love the cut out detailing on these boots, it makes them more unique to the standards ones along with the scalloped edging which seems to be quite popular at the moment. You can find them from new look here. It's 20% off for students at the moment and i have £20 vouchers from my birthday.. what do you guys think? Should i go for it?

3. Because of my vouchers i have been spending quite a bit of time on the new look website rooting around for some good buys. I came across this adorable hearts cut out belt here which is such a cute and flirty alternative to my woven belts that I'm wearing at the moment. You can get it in a range of colours too online but i prefer the dark red.

4. I seem to have developed this massive love for opal recently. I love how the stone is so shimmery, it reminds me of the stars. The description of these on Regal Rose actually says that they're "a tiny piece of the galaxy." I just think they're so cute. Check out Regal Rose if you haven't already.

5. I need this eye primer! I've been using a standard cheap white eye shadow as a base for my eye make up, but it doesn't work as well as the real thing so i may have to fork out £16.50 for this lemonaid eyelid primer by benefit, they're such a quality brand as you probably all know. This would probably last way longer that eye shadow too, I don't know about you but mine runs down really quickly.

6. Stags are becoming pretty kitsch at the moment aren't they! I have to admit, i am a sucker for the cute design of these earrings. They're so cheap as well at £2.99! 

7. I know everyone's been talking about the rise in prices at Topshop right now which is slightly putting me off even looking at their website right now, but i can't help commenting on this nautical styled cropped blouse. It looks like you'd be able to wear it with pretty much everything and the ribbon detailing is adorable. If only they could lower their prices!

8. The final thing on my wishlist this week is Bobbi Brown's face base. I was given a small pot of this when i bought their creamy lip colour in crystal pink (here). But i ran out of the face base a couple of days ago. It worked so well and smelt absolutely gorgeous! I know it's a bit pricey but honestly, it is so moisturising but it doesn't leave skin feeling greasy at all, and it kept my make up on all day. I would honestly recommend this product to anyone. I want some more!

What's on your wishlist this payday? Hope everyone's well and enjoying the lovely weather!
Much love, xxxxx


  1. Everything in the wishlist is so lovely, esp the dress and jewellery! You have good taste in jewellery! x

  2. Aww thank you :) I love the jewellery you sell! Particularly the princess ring, it's adorable x


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