Thursday, 8 December 2011

Clothes Show Live 2011

I don't know why this post has taken me so long to write, i've been a bit of a procrastinator this week if i'm honest! On Monday I was lucky to attend the annual Clothes Show Live in Birmingham NEC. I have been able to go to the Clothes Show 3-4 years running with the textiles department at school so this year was my final year going with them! I have to say, although it works out a lot cheaper going with them, I have to breathe a sigh of relief just because a bus full of excited 15 year olds is not fun at 8am on a long journey!
I know the pictures make it look like we had an awful view but actually we had better seats than usual this year for the show itself! As normal it was really impressive and the dancers were spectacular! I loved the idea of "late night shopping in the department store," giving it a sophisticated but sort of Christmassy feel. My favourite section was definitely the wedding wear for fashion because the dresses were absolutely gorgeous but as far as the dancing goes - street dancing all the way!
Stupidly I didn't take any other photo's at the event because i was so focused on my shopping! I was so pleased with the variety of stalls this year - Could've stayed forever in the vintage section! I was also really tempted to try the pole dancing workshop because it looked like so much fun! But i didn't want to burden my friend into having to wait for me and hold all my bags etc! The blouse pictured above was bartered down from £15 to a tenner in one of the generic "knock-off" styled stalls. It's a really simple cut but i really like the pattern and colour so that was my first buy.
Next I picked up this Ex-Topshop necklace (apparently). I can't remember where i actually bought this and it didn't come with any tags or info but I think it was in the urban-y section? Anyway I absolutely love it and for £4 you can't really go wrong can you?
The last thing I really bought was this Model's own nail art pen in black. I actually bought this for just £2 and it's completely brand new too. I'm hopefully going to do a review on this when my nails grow a bit longer. Last night I stayed up practising pretty designs on my boyfriends nails! (He loves a bit of pampering really!) And so far so good. The precise pen like side is so useful and i'm really happy with it. 
That was pretty much all i bought this year - I didn't really splurge - But i will include pictures of some of the freebies we got there as well. 
I did pay £2 for the magazines which included a little bag of goodies. Also can you spot my I <3 Glossybox bands! I visited their stand for a quick chat where they were selling last months box for a fiver! I also got one of those Body Shop Joy cards which are worth either £3 or more so i need to find out how much is on that but i thought it was a really sweet gift with the magazines. (I love body shop!)
Other freebies - How random to receive shreddies in a goodie bag!? I also got a bag of popcorn which satisfied my hungry tummy on the way home.
Did you go to Clothes Show Live this year? I'd love to hear about all of your stories!
Much love xxx


  1. So many lovely goodies and it looks so much fun! For years I've been saying I'm going to make the journey down to Clothes Show Live but I never do. Maybe next year.. x

  2. I love the shirt you bought, and what a bargain too! I last went to the clothes show about 8 years ago, but I do remember it was a brilliant day out! Glad you had fun x

  3. Love the shirt you bought it looks really pretty :) Never been to the clothes show & always wanted to, now I want to even more seeing your bargains!x

  4. nice. x

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from This Is Transition if you'd like to check it out. :)


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