Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Blogger Party

I can't believe it's taken this long for me to write up a post about Fridays Christmas blogger meet up in Java, Bristol. This weekend has been hectic with work, other Christmas parties, putting up the Christmas decorations etc.. You guys know how it is.
Anywho, as many of you know, boohoo and MyStreetChic brought us all together putting on a wonderful event with amazing goodybags, free cocktails and a stunning fashion show. I was gutted because the event was obviously held in my home town and usually it takes about half an hour to get to Java. But i miscalculated timings, and traffic was horrendous so i ended up being an hour late! Booo :( I felt awful, especially as a lot of the girls there had travelled from all over the country and still managed to get there on time! Anyway, enough complaining, here's some photo's of the night for you guys to enjoy. I didn't actually take any photo's at the event, so most of these are courtesy of MyStreetChic's facebook page!
So i'll quickly run through what I wore on the night. It's nothing i haven't featured before actually. I really wanted to wear a new dress i bought from Miss Selfridge's limited edition range a little while back, but I just felt it was too summery, so instead I wore:
Pearl Bralet - Yayer
Leather Lookalike Skirt - €9.99 Shana
Leather Lookalike Jacket - £5 from Tenovus, but originally H&M
Wedges - £9.99 Ebay
Necklace - £4 Clothes Show Live
Bag - £4 Tenovus
Cross Ring - £5 (gone up to £8 now) Love Hearts and Crosses 
Other Ring - JWLRY 
Molly and I
Thanks to Steph for this one :)
These photo's are courtesy of MyStreetChic - This blue polkadot playsuit was by far my favourite piece in the Boohoo collection. 
You can view all of the pictures from the night here.
These are also some other posts from the night if you're interested: Steph Bee Lyzi Gem Annabel Dani Kim Joseph

On another note, the goodybags were amazing! I am so happy with my new lipgloss from beautycycle, it lights up and has a mirror on the side of the case so it's perfect to take on a night out! And the macadamia oil is such a treat to use as well. Did anyone else get a self heating cup of coffee instead of dry shampoo?! I was slightly disappointed with that i have to say!

A big thank you to Boohoo and MyStreetChic for holding such a super, successful evening.


  1. You look so awesome! I love the little pearl details on the top. The event looks like fun too :)

  2. the necklace you picked up at the clothes show was a total bargain! looking lovely x

  3. Sorry about that Katy, we ran out of dry shampoo and had to substitute them with something else at the last minute. Glad you liked the rest of the goodie bag though! xx

  4. Haha! That's quite alright, i just thought it was a strange gift! My fault for being late i guess! xox

  5. I got the coffee too! Boyfriend was happy with it though, haha. Would've preferred dry shampoo ;) You looked lovely!!! The macadamia oil was great on my hair :)

  6. This looks like a really great event, and I LOVE the wedges you wore. So lovely.

  7. Looks like so much fun. You look amazing! x hivennn

  8. I absolutely love your outfit! Very stylish :)
    Looks like a good event!

  9. WOW you look bloody amazing! Looks like so much fun! xx

  10. Love your outfit looks like you had fun , wish i could go to these events ! xxx

  11. Thanks so much for all of your kind words guys :)


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