Friday, 30 December 2011

Christmas is only 360 days away: Part 2

Christmas Day: What I Wore.
Dress: Birthday gift from Mum
Cardigan: Miss Selfridge
Necklace: Gift from Grace
Tights: HOH
Shoes: Ebay (Gift, see below)
Bag: Ebay

I love getting all dressed up on Christmas day, i know lots of people like to stay in thier PJ's, but i usually have many families to visit. So following my stocking post, i thought i'd share the main presents I received this Christmas. I know this is a little late and people are getting bored of Christmas posts now so this is my last Christmas-related post (Caution: Picture heavy.)
(Tights including stockings, suspender tights and french seamed. Lots and lots of chocolate. New shoes as seen in what i wore. Lots of make up from the Body Shop including "the sparkler." Books, mugs and an air freshener from my car. My new beloved Mac lipstick.)
One of my favourite gifts I received this year was the much coveted naked palette from Urban Decay. Alongside this, he also bought me a beautiful lipstick from MAC in frost.
My brother bought me this lovely satchel which i believe was found in a charity shop. It's real leather and a gorgeous rich brown colour. It probably doesn't look terribly big in the picture but it's quite massive in real life. I think i may adjust the strap aswell because it's very long at the moment.
My dad really surprised me with this lovely winter coat from Topshop. Its got a lovely fur lining and is so snuggly and warm! Perfect for this season - so thanks dad!
Mum bought me this lovely hand knitted cardigan for days at home when i need something to snuggle up to.
Finally I thought i'd share with you the latest addition to the family who joined us on Christmas day. Ozzie is a new buddy for my dad who lives alone and this little kitten is so adorable and friendly!
Apologies for the mass-post!
I can't believe it's NYE tomorrow - What are your plans? I'm just going to stick to my local High Street with some good friends. I have scheduled a quick post for tomorrow so keep a look out for that. Just quickly though, I do want to say a big thank you to all the support i've gained through my blog this year, I've had the best time starting up this little space of mine on the internet.
Much love to you all xoxo


  1. Impressive haul! I love the shoes :D Happy new year! xxxx

  2. I saw the shoes in the first picture and I thought "ooh I want them". I realised in close up I already have them! Fail! The palette looks gorgeous.

  3. Ooo what lovely gifts! I love the satchel and the House of Holland tights :)
    Have a Happy New Year!

  4. wow, that satchel is gorgeous and will last for years x

  5. The bag is gorgeous! Wayyy jealous of all your tights too- I adore tightsss x

  6. I have literally just discovered your blog and I am now following you!

    Looks like you had some really love presents for christmas! I love the shoes and the coat! They are stunning. xx

  7. i absolutely adore your fashion sense! the bag is gorgeous. you've had some lovely things for christmas, hope you've had a fab time! i've recently set up my own blog after seeing ones like this, if you;ve got time you should check it out sometime!

  8. oh my your kitten is sooo cute!!

  9. Thanks everyone!
    Raz - Haha i do that sometimes, we must have similar style :)
    Soph - Thanks for the follow sweet (:
    Mode_de_rue - he is so lovely!

  10. OHMIGOD! I love Ozzie, he is the cutest thing ever!

    Love the black fur jacket, it's amazing. And those shoes! You were very lucky.

    Found your blog thru #bbloggers btw, now following!! ^_^

    ~ Lauren <3

  11. You will love the NAKED palette! Its amazing. I could use only this palette and have every colour I would ever need! Looks like you have a great Christmas!

    I have a blog sale going on at the moment if you are interested in having a little look

    Blog Sale


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