Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas Gifts Part 1: Stocking Fillers

First off, i hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I've really enjoyed seeing some of your gift posts, everyone sounds as though they got some wonderful pressies! I also got spoilt by my wonderful boyfriend and family and had a lovely day as well. In fact, my Christmas day is sort of split into three, because in the morning i'm at mums house and we open stockings, eat an early Christmas lunch followed by tree presents. Next I dash of to Mike's house to have yet another lunch with his family and open presents, then finally we head down to see my Dad for yet more food and presents! If you follow me on twitter then you'll know that this year was slightly different for me because we bought dad a beautiful kitten for Christmas and had to go and pick up the little sweetheart. Anyway, i've decided to do a two part post beginning with some of the stocking fillers i received this year! 
Very lucky stocking! I also got a scratch card and 20p! But won nothing :(
First off, you can really go wrong with LUSH goodies can you? I received the bath bomb in rose jam, and i'm serious - It smells amazing! The little heart decoration is a really pretty air freshener and i also got a really sweet vintage storage tin which i think i'll use for odd bits of jewellery.
In my stocking this year, i also received the OPI Texas Lil Shooters. The colours you get inside are L-R "I Want To Be A Lone-Star" "Austin-Tatious Turquoise" "Do you think i'm Tex-y" and a top coat. Today i tried the first one and it's a lovely baby blue/grey. I really loved this little gift!
My stocking also contained these pretty flip-flops, which i believe came from Accessorize, and a cute sleeping mask for when I get optic migraines.
To go with the flip-flops, santa also brought me some sunglasses also from Accessorize. The cute birdie ornament is a small photo frame which I'll display in my window sill and for a bit of fun, I got some popping candy!
This cute tea light holder will be also be displayed in my window sill and I think it was such a cute little gift!
Finally, I was given a pair of cute tights and some lip balm inside a sweet flower case.

Stockings are my absolute favourite part of the day, and i love sitting with my family in our PJ's on Christmas morning. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did. Much love, xoxo


  1. aaw such lovely little goodies! I had a blast watching Dr Who in my pjs and socffing choccy. Don't want to go back to work x

  2. ahhhh this looks so great!! :)
    looks really cool!
    your blog's great! i love it!
    if you could visit mine it would be an honour, please?

  3. love the blog dear :D

    newest follower !!

    xox Effy


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