Sunday, 11 December 2011

Another Christmas Wishlist - You can never have too many!

With Christmas creeping up (2 weeks to go!) I thought I'd put together another list for Santa. I've been really surprised this year with the amount of people who have said i'm "difficult to buy for.." Anyway, hopefully this may help a bit! Also i love putting together wishlists so this is a way of putting of some lovely textiles work I have waiting in the corner of my room.

1&2. I am well aware that I need a better quality camera (I'm sure you can't tell from the poor pictures on here :(). Anyway I don't fancy splurging on a DSLR even with staff discount because they're far too expensive so I think a bridge type one will do and this ones from Argos is on offer at the moment. Does anyone have a bridge camera? If you do, let me know if they're any good. I think this is going to be a saving-up-for jobby. I also have a beautiful old polaroid camera which i purchased ages ago, but obviously getting hold of film these days is so difficult. The only places i know do them are UO and the impossible project. I'd love some film for Christmas.

3. I saw this skirt in Lipsy last weekend at my local mall while i was actually out shopping for other people. I couldn't resist trying it on and i really like it! So that's been added to the list. I think it will look really nice with the pearl bralet that I got for my birthday

4. Aimlessly browsing the Topshop website led me to this ring which I really like and think it would go well with the recent necklace that i bought at the clothes show. I'm quite into the stud/spike trend at the moment.

5&6. I've wanted the cross earrings from UO that everyone's been raving about, but everyone seems to have them so I think these are a nice (and cheaper!) alternative. I also like these triangle earrings from LHC. They're kind of a tribal style that fit in with the studs and spikes trend again.

7. I still haven't tried Topshop's make-up range - I know i'm behind the times! - And i absolutely love the eyeshadow in "Silver Sand." I think it's quite Christmassy but can also be worn all year round because it's fairly neutral.

8.Finally, how cute is this purse? I've been quite a fan of the scalloped trend when it appeared earlier this year so i'd love to see this under the tree on Christmas day!

Much love xxx


  1. I hope you get all you asked for this christmas, happy festive season! x

  2. You are always so lovely! Thank you, Hope you have a Merry Christmas too.

  3. I have that pursed saved in my favourites too, it's so cute :) Big fan of both sets of earrings, all thought I have way too much jewellery already hehe!

  4. The wallet is super cute!! :)

  5. Lovely blog.

  6. The skirt is gorgeous.. I love the colour, and length!

  7. Love the purse because it looks like a fit eye shadow pallet haha i love it! Bring on the new year sales whoop! x x

  8. I love seeing X-Mas wish lists!
    All of the things on your list I would want for myself especially that skirt, LOVEIT!!!
    great blog!




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